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Page Title: Side equipment compartments
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MIL-T-28571G(NAVY) Side equipment compartments.  Equipment compartments shall be
provided on each side of the body, front and rear of the wheelhousing,
approximately flush with the running boards and the wheel skirting.  The width
of the front side compartment shall be not less than 20 inches.  The width of
the rear side compartment shall be not less than 24 inches.  The height of the
front and rear compartments shall be from the running board to the top of the
wheelhousing, but shall not be less than 24 inches.  Two additional
compartments, one on each side forward of the fire pump, shall be provided.
These two compartments shall be a minimum of 20 inches wide and as high and deep
as practical, with removable back panels to allow access to the pump and
transmission.  Each compartment, except for the generator compartment, shall be
provided with an adjustable shelf located midway between the top and bottom of
the compartment.  The adjustable shelves shall have an upturned lip of not less
than 3/4 inch at the front of the shelf.  The left rear (driver's side)
compartment shall be for the location of the auxiliary generator.  The auxiliary
generator compartment shall be ventilated and the method of ventilation shall
not allow water or dirt to enter the compartment.  The curbside compartment and
wheelhousing tops shall be a continuous heavy-duty aluminum diamond plate
surface, the same as furnished for the running boards and rear platform
surfaces.  An additional compartment shall be added above and forward of the
rear tail board compartment and half step.  This compartment will be
approximately 43" wide by 13" high by 11" deep with a door opening of
approximately 38" by 10".  The door will be hinged at the bottom.  Air Rack compartments.  Two compartments shall be provided on the
driver's side of the truck over the side equipment compartments and wheel well.
The front compartment shall have two brackets, mounted as far forward as
possible, for securing two complete breathing units (self-contained breathing
equipment) .  The brackets shall be identical to the brackets used on the back of
the jump seats (see para, 3.9.2).  Each compartment shall be provided with a
door hinged at the top.  The compartments shall be the same length as the side
body equipment compartments (not less than 100 inches in length).  The depth of
the compartments shall be not less than 12 inches and shall be the same height
as the hose bed (approximately 28 inches).  The doors shall be extra heavy-duty
and reinforced with cross bracing, and shall be the flush-lap type door.  The
top hinges of the doors shall be full length stainless steel and shall not be
painted.  The doors shall have polished stainless steel recessed "D" type
handles operable with heavy gloved hands.  Doors shall be of the slam shut
design, controlled by an over-center, counter balanced spring of the Cleveland
style for opening and closing.  The compartment top shall be of the heavy-duty
aluminum diamond plate surface, the same as furnished for running boards and
rear platform surfaces.  Two additional spare air bottle compartments shall be
installed on each side, one forward and one aft of both rear wheel wells.  Each
compartment shall have room for one spare air bottle and have a latching
flush-lap type door. Rear equipment coumpartments.  An equipment compartment with two
equal sections shall be provided at the rear of the truck, located on the
centerline of the truck, forward of the rear platform.  The center rear
compartment shall be the same height and depth as the side equipment
compartment, with the width fully utilizing the space available between the two
rear side compartments (see 3,11.6.1).  Each section of the compartment shall be
provided with a door designed and constructed as specified in 3.11,6,  The top
of each rear equipment compartment shall serve as a step which shall have a

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