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minimum depth of 6 inches and shall extend the full width of the hose bed.  The
step shall be covered with heavy-duty aluminum diamond plate.  The entire rear
area, from the hose bed down to the tailboard platform, shall be covered with
heavy-duty aluminum diamond plate.  The additional rear compartment, located
above the half step shall be provided as described in
in e enclosure.  A rectangular shaped, insulated engine `enclosure
constructed of aluminum shall be provided.  The enclosure shall be constructed
of heavy-duty diamond plate.  Access doors or a tilt back hood cover shall be
furnished to facilitate engine maintenance, service and repair.  When hood
panels are provided, they shall be top hinged, fabricated of aluminum diamond
plate and fitted with full-length stainless steel hinges.  Two work lights with
integral switches shall be furnished, one for each side of the engine
3.11.7 Foam Eq uipment.  The fire truck shall be provided with foam equipment
as specified herein.  The foam system shall be suitable for operation with AFFF,
conforming to MIL-F-24385.  The system shall be capable of discharging a foam
solution of from 1 to 6 percent (-0/+1.0 percent) at all pump discharge outlets
up to 500 gpm.  Form p roportioner
The foam proportioned shall be of the direct
injection type meeting all applicable requirements of the NFPA-1901.  The AFFF
concentrate shall be inducted by venturi action into a line carrying a portion
of the solution from the fire pump intake and shall mix with the main water
flow.  A metering valve shall be provided in the foam liquid line leading into
the venturi for controlling the amount of foam liquid entering the venturi. The
foam liquid metering valve shall be calibrated and provided with a dial and
pointer to regulate the proportioning to discharge percentage of foam liquid to
total solution.  The dial and pointer shall not be on the bottom of the foam
metering valve.  The metering valve shall have provisions for adjustments in the
field to accommodate for a 1 to 6 percent foam solution. Foam controls.  All controls for operating the foam system shall be
chrome plated, grouped together, readily accessible to the operator and located
on the fire pump operator's control panel.  A foam metering chart reflecting
visible settings from 0-500 gpm shall be provided and shall be mounted on the
pump operator's control panel adjacent to the foam metering control device. Foam liquid tank.  A removable commercially available 100-gallon
minimum capacity foam liquid tank shall be provided.  The foam liquid tank shall
be constructed of 12 gauge stainless steel.  The foam liquid tank shall be
located in the pump compartment above the pump.  A 1-1/2-inch drain, with
discharge at a point below the bottom of the truck frame and equipped with a
valve control extended to the fire pump operator's control panel, shall be
provided.  Adequate provisions shall be made for filling the foam tank directly
from individual 5-gallon containers.  The tank configuration and positioning
shall provide for liquid level monitoring by dipstick through a filler hole or
an additional capped hole in the top of the tank.  A dipstick, accurately marked
and calibrated shall be provided for checking the foam level.  Stowage for the
dipstick shall be provided near the foam tank.  The tank shall have the filler
opening located as not to interfere with monitor operation, and shall be
provided with a tight, gasketed, hinged cap, having a spring type holddown
catch.  A removable strainer of not greater than No. 4 stainless steel mesh

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