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Page Title: Body mounting
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Type IV speed ends
Trucks, Tank: Fuel Servicing and Aircraft Fuel Servicing, 1,000 to 4,000 Gallon Diesel and Gasoline Engine Driven
Breaker strips

3.9.11 Type IV data plates. Data plates shall be furnished in accordance with 3.8.10
3.10 Type V tank body (bulk haul). The type V tank body shall be a single compartment
gravity discharge type conforming to 3.5.1 through 3.5.10, 3.5.12 through, 3.5.22,
3.5.23 (not, 3.5.24 through and 3.10.1 through 3.10.2.
3.10.1 Type V vents. The vents shall be as specified in 3.5.11 through, except
normal venting vapor flow capacity to permit unloading at 200 gpm is not required.
3.10.2 Type V plumbing system. A plumbing system shall be installed on the side of the
vehicle opposite the driving controls in the underslung cabinet. The plumbing system shall
incorporate at least the following valves and equipment, functionally arranged:
Nonmetered gravity discharge faucet, 2.5 inch, with 2.5 inch camlock coupler
Automatic flow control (bottom loading) valve, 4-inch
Meter, 2-inch, conforming to 3.6.3
Metered gravity discharge faucet, 2-inch, with 2.5 inch cam lock adapter.
3.11 Body mounting. The body shall be secured with U-bolts, twin studs, or brackets,
and shall include a wood breaker strip. For classes 16 and 19 all but the rearmost, and for classes
28, 34.5, 36, 44 and 50 at least the forwardmost pair of U-bolts, twin studs, or brackets shall be
spring loaded to permit vertical movement between the chassis and body.
3.11.1 U-bolts or twin studs. When U-bolts or twin studs are used, there shall be not less
than three U-bolts or twin studs per side, for classes 16 and 19 and not less than four per side for
classes 28, 34.5, 36, 44 and 50. Each U-bolt or twin stud shall have a 0.563 inch minimum body
diameter with 0.625 inch minimum thread diameter. Tie-plates shall be at least 0.5 inch thick.
The vehicle chassis frame shall be braced, using wood blocks at each mounting point. Blocks
shall incorporate a keeper strap or groove for mounting bolt, and shall be of a width and
thickness to assure retention. Two tie backs shall be provided, one on each side of the rear
portion of the body subframe to maintain body alignment on the vehicle chassis. Forward body
mounting bolts shall be located to the rear of the tapered portion of the breaker strips
(see 3.11.3).
3.11.2 Brackets. When brackets are used, they shall be bolted to the web of the chassis
frame rails. The body mounting brackets shall provide means for drawing down the body on the
chassis rails. Provisions shall be made to prevent lateral shifting of the breaker strips. When
additional holes are required to secure mounting brackets to chassis frame rails, they must be

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