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Page Title: Subframe mounting
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Body mounted rear winch (type I stake and platform)
Trucks: Elevating Body, Diesel and Gasoline Engine Driven, 21,000 to 39,500 Pounds GVW, 4x2 and 6x4 Commercial
Breaker strips

MIL-T-62145E Subframe. The vehicle shall be equipped with a subframe mounted on the vehicle
chassis frame. The subframe shall be the length of the body. The subframe shall consist of the
elevating structural members, hydraulic components, and cylinder(s). Hoist. The hoist shall be of the scissors type. Hydraulic cylinder(s) shall be
provided to exercise the scissors to elevate the body. The hoist arms shall have sufficient
bridging for forward and lateral stability. Means shall be provided to prevent the body from
shifting during highway travel, when the body is in the retracted position.
3.5.2 Subframe mounting. The subframe shall be secured with U-bolts, twin studs, or
J-bolts, and shall include a wood or steel breaker strip. U-bolts or twin studs. When U-bolts or twin studs are used, there shall be not less
than four U-bolts or twin studs per side, having 9/16-inch minimum body diameter with 5/8-inch
minimum thread diameter. Tie-plates shall be at least 1/2 inch thick. The vehicle chassis frame
shall be braced, using wood blocks at each mounting point unless the mounting point is located
at a full depth subframe crossmember. Blocks shall incorporate a keeper strap or groove for the
mounting bolt, and shall be of a width to assure retention. Two shear bolts shall be provided,
one bolted to each side of the rear portion of the subframe to maintain alinement on the vehicle
chassis. Forward mounting bolts shall be located to the rear of the tapered portion of the breaker
strips. Brackets. When brackets are used, they shall be bolted to the web of the frame rails.
The mounting brackets shall provide a means of drawing down the subframe on the chassis rails.
Provisions shall be made to prevent lateral shifting of the breaker strips. When additional holes
are required to secure mounting brackets to the chassis frame rails, they shall be located within
the area of the rail which is designated as being safe for drilling in accordance with the chassis
manufacturer's body builders layouts. Attachments shall not interfere with nor obstruct existing
chassis components. Spring-loaded hold-down devices may be used to secure the chassis to the
subframe and to provide independent action between the chassis and the subframe. J-bolts. When J-bolts are used, one J-bolt shall be located near each point where a
subframe crossmember intersects the vertical plane of the chassis frame rails, to the rear of the
tapered section of the breaker strips (see J-bolts shall be not less than 3/8 inch in
diameter. J-bolts shall encircle the lower chassis frame flange and shall be securely attached to
the subframe. Two shear bolts as specified in shall be provided. Provisions shall be
made to prevent lateral shifting of the breaker strips.

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