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Table X. Type II dimensions (inches).
Trucks: Elevating Body, Diesel and Gasoline Engine Driven, 21,000 to 39,500 Pounds GVW, 4x2 and 6x4 Commercial
Window guard

3.7.3 Body interior. The interior of the body walls, including the ceiling, shall be lined with
not less than 1/4-inch exterior grade plywood. The interior radius corners may be aluminum or
fiberglass lined. The ceiling shall be insulated with not less than l-inch fiberglass.
3.7.4 Flooring. The flooring shall be safety aluminum tread plate not less than 1/4 inch
thick, exclusive of the tread height. The floor shall be of one-piece construction without welds
or seams or, when one piece construction is not obtainable, two-piece construction may be
provided when the two pieces are of equal size. When two-piece construction is furnished, an
automatic continuous seam weld having full penetration shall be furnished or when the seam is
hand welded, the underside of the seam shall be reinforced with a 3-inch wide by not less than
0.1875-inch thick aluminum butt plate welded between the crossmembers. The floor shall be
provided with an aluminum coving or an aluminum rolled radius around the perimeter of the
wall, except at the door openings. The coving or rolled radius shall be the same thickness as the
floor, shall have a vertical height of at least 4 inches, but need not have a tread pattern unless the
coving and the floor are of the same material. The coving shall be continuously welded when
two pieces are furnished. The coving shall be secured with corrosion-resistant fasteners to the
wall. The floor shall be provided with drains.
3.7.5 Interior rope ties. Interior rope ties, either fold down lashing rings, rope cleats, or rod
type, shall be secured to wall frame members. A minimum of 24 rope ties shall be arranged in
three evenly spaced tiers, four rope ties per tier on each side wall; the first tier located
approximately 5-1/2 inches above the floor line; the second tier at 1/3 of wall height; and the
third tier located at 2/3 of wall height. The rope ties shall not project into the cargo area beyond
the wall lining.
3.7.6 Body exterior. The roof assembly shall be constructed to insure drainage. Roof
support bow construction shall be aluminum and shall be not less than 1.0625 inches in depth
and 0.394 pounds per foot. Roof bows shall be spaced on not more than 12-inch centers. The
roof panel shall be of one-piece aluminum not less than 0.040 inch in thickness. The roof panel
shall be stretched and secured. The roof panel shall not flutter or "tin can." Body panels shall be
not less than 0.051 inch in thickness. Body side panels shall be removable to facilitate body
repair. All roof and body seams and joints shall be weatherproof. All body and roof rails shall
be extruded aluminum and shall have a maximum radius of 4.5 inches. Rub rails shall be
provided along each side of the body. Rub rails shall be permanently attached to or shall become
a part of the exterior of the body at the floor line. Drip-moldings shall be furnished over each
window and over the front and real doors.
3.7.7 Windows. Two windows shall be furnished on each side of the body. Window
casings, screens, components, parts, and accessories shall be constructed of corrosion-resistant
aluminum. Corrosion-resistant properties shall be inherent in the chemical composition of the
aluminum. The windows shall be waterproof. The windows shall provide a clear glass opening

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