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Page Title: Rearview mirrors
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Ash receptacle
Dual sunvisors
Driver's compartment ventilator other than window
Transmission temperature gage
Temperature gage for each axle of the bogie
Vernier type hand throttle
A warning light and buzzer for low oil pressure
Engine pyrometer gage(s).
*  3.4.20 Rearview mirrors. Outside rearview mirrors shall have not less than two supporting
arms and shall be mounted on each side of the cab. The mirror support arms shall be adjustable to
provide rearward vision when the vehicle is towing a 10-foot wide semitrailer. Flat and convex
mirrors shall be furnished. At least 50 square inches of flat reflective area and a convex surface
having at least 24 square inches of reflective area shall be provided with a radius of curvature of
not less than 20 inches. Both flat, mirrors shall be of the self-contained, heated type controlled by
a switch in the driver's compartment.
3.4.21 Horn. Manufacturer's standard electric horn shall be furnished. In addition, an air
operated horn shall be furnished.
3.4.22 Engine hour meter. When specified (see 6.2), an engine hour meter having a totalizing
mechanism of not less than 9,999 hours shall be furnished for the chassis engine to register
accurately the number of hours of operating time. The meter shall be of rugged construction to
insure continuous trouble-free performance under severe operating conditions. The engine hour
meter shall be mounted on the cab instrument panel or in the engine compartment in a readable
3.4.23 Bank-up alarm. When specified (see 6.2), the vehicle shall be furnished with an
audible, pulsating, signaling device (electrical or mechanical) to caution personnel when the
vehicle is in reverse gear operation.
*  3.4.24 AM/FM radio. When specified (see 6.2), the manufacturer's standard AM/FM radio
shall be provided.
3.5 Body. The rear-of-cab to the centerline of the rear bogie dimension shall be 160 inches,
plus or minus one inch. The tractor shall be equipped with a sliding, fore and aft rocking, 36-inch
diameter, air looking type fifth wheel, for SAE J700 kingpin. The fifth wheel shall have a sliding
range of not less than 47.5 inches in increments of not less than 1.50 inches and not more than
4 inches.
3.5.1 Fifth wheel location. Fifth wheel sliding range shall be not less than 45 inches forward
of the centerline of the bogie, and 2.5 inches, plus 0, minus one inch, rearward of the centerline of
the bogie. With the fifth wheel in its most forward position, the clearance from the centerline of

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