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Page Title: Adapter, test-hand control
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The storage drawer ( shall provide
Drawer, storage.
full panel width storage space for module extenders and special tools which
are used in maintenance of the C&D TS and WRAs listed in Table IV.
Extender Kit, C&D TS.  The extender kit shall provide the
capability to extend modules from the respective WRAs or ground support
equipment  (GSE) assemblies.  The kit shall be stored in the storage drawer
Adapter,  test-hand control.  The hand control test adapter shall
serve as a holding fixture for Control, Sensor C-9037()/AWG-9 WRA.
Console, Test, Control-Display-Doppler Filter OJ-252()/AWM-23(V).
The equipment of this console shall be as specified in the following.
An oscilloscope, Hewlett-Packard 181AR, with
1801A-001 and 1821A plug-ins, or equivalent, shall be supplied.  The oscillo-
scope shall provide for display and observation of waveforms.  The oscillo-
scope shall also provide for variable persistence of displayed signals, and
for storage of signals.
Panel. Test. Electrical C-9178()/AWM-23(V).  The electrical test
panel shall provide the controls, displays and switching capability to conduct
functional and fault isolation tests on the WRAs assigned to the C&D TS. Con-
trols on the front panel shall be provided to command WRA Power On or Power
Off, command emergency off for station power, select and enable functional
or fault isolation tests, select and apply input signals to WRAs, select
measurement instruments during test, command standard serial interface (SSI)
word generator to provide the desired word, control setting of attenuators,
and control level of simulated WRA inputs.
Displays on the front panel shall
be provided to display test number, test mode and status, and SSI BIT fault.
Panel , Coolant Supply MX-9306()/AWM-23(V). The coolant supply
panel shall provide cooling air connections and cooling air supply for Filter-
Multiplexer F-1331()/AWG-9 WRA.  The panel shall also provide the electrical
connectors and cables for Recorder, Mission Data KF-21() and KF-22() WRA.
Mounting, MT-4501()/AWM-23(V).  The mounting shall provide mounting
for Recorder, Mission Data KF-21() and KF-22() and Filter-Multiplexer F-1331()/
AWG-9 WRAs.  The mounting surface shall also provide the electrical connections
to Filter-Multiplexer F-1331()/AWG-9 WRA.
Panel, blank.
A blank panel shall cover the unused full width
portion of bay no. 2.
Power Supply PP-6849()/AWM-23(V).  The power supply shall provide
the capability to supply dc voltages to WRAs and test station circuits, using
another dc power supply ( as a source.  The power supply shall also
provide the capability to sense the output power forms for overvoltage, under-
voltage, and over-current for test station and WRA protection.  The power supply
shall also provide continuous monitoring capabilities of output power forms.

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