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Page Title: Ambulance equipment test
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MIL-B-62152A(AT) Deviations. Any deviation from the above in noise level instrumentation,
technique, test conditions, or results shall not be acceptable without prior complete information to
and acceptance from the contracting officer. Heating and air conditioning. To verify conformance to the heating and air
conditioning performance requirements specified in and, the contractor shall test
the vehicle under actual or simulated conditions, at least as stringent as specified therein.
Simulated conditions shall be acceptable to the Government. Comfort evaluation. As part of the road test, the bus shall be assessed for
comfort, both for litter patients and seated ambulatory patients, on straight and winding primary
and secondary roads, and during acceleration, deceleration, medium speed (30 mph) and
maximum authorized speed runs. Exterior sound level. The vehicle shall be tested in accordance with SAE J366 to
determine conformance to the exterior sound level requirements specified in 3.4.23.
4.3.5 Ambulance equipment test. The vehicle shall be tested to determine conformance
to lift or ramp loading, litter loading, and all ambulance features and equipment requirements
specified in section 3 of this specification. Tests shall include, but not be limited to, the
following items. Lift or ramp test. Test of lift loading shall include loading with ambulatory
(including on crutches), wheel chair, and litter patients (simulated). Each individual shall weigh
250 pounds (including the litter bearers). The lift shall be tested for adequacy of its size,
capacity, guard rails, operating smoothness, safety to attendants and patients, and performance
loaded and unloaded. Litter support test. Test of the litter support installation shall demonstrate ease of
putting loaded litters in place, and minimal longitudinal or lateral movement. Strength shall be
demonstrated by running the bus/ambulance over secondary roads at practical speeds with at least
one vertical tier of three litters in place, each litter bearing a 250-pound simulated patient. Any
breakage or distortion of the litter support installation will constitute failure.
4.3.6 Failure. Failure of the first production vehicle to meet requirements of the contract
shall be cause for the Government to refuse acceptance of the vehicle until corrective action has
been taken.

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