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Page Title: Classification of inspections
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4.2. Classification of inspections. The inspection requirements specified herein are classified as follows:
Qualification inspection (see 4.3).
Conformance inspection (see 4.4).
4.3. Qualification inspection. Qualification inspection (see 6.4) shall be conducted at a commercial or
manufacturer's laboratory approved by Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA). Tests shall be monitored by the
Defense Contract Management Area Operations (DCMAO). Qualification tests shall consist of all tests specified in
Table V. If no test paragraph is listed in table V, the test shall be conducted in accordance with the method listed
and results shall comply with the requirement paragraph listed. A test report detailing the results of the conformance
testing performed by the manufacturer, his representatives or at his behest by employed agents shall be provided by
the manufacturer to the contracting officer, his agent or the qualifying activity, as appropriate (see 6.3).
4.3.1. Extension of qualification. Approval of qualification for Navy haze gray to match color 26270 of
FED-STD-595 shall constitute approval for other colors of the same type and class. Approval of qualification for
type II class enamel shall also constitute approval of qualification of that enamel for type I of the same class.
Enamel substituted for the qualification for a type II, but passes the VOC requirement for type I shall be qualified
for the same type I class provided that enamel passes all other requirements for that type and class. Enamel
substituted for qualification for a type II, but passes the VOC requirement for type I, shall be qualified for the same
type I class provided that the enamel passes all other requirements for that type and class.
4.4. Quality conformance inspection. Quality conformance inspection shall consist of the table V tests
marked with a 1/ (see table footnote). Test shall be performed on each lot offered for delivery (see 6.3).
4.4.1. Lot. For the purpose of quality conformance inspection and test sampling, a lot is defined as all
enamel (in U.S. gallons) of the same type, class and color, from a single uniform batch, produced and offered for
delivery at one time. The addition of any substance to a batch constitutes a new lot. Batch. A batch shall consist of an individual finished paint manufactured at the same time from the
same units (sacks, cans, barrels, etc) of ingredients.
4.4.2. Sampling for quality conformance inspection. As a minimum, the contractor shall select at random
two samples of sufficient size for testing. One sample shall be taken from the first 10% of production from the lot.
The other sample shall be taken from the last 10% of production from the lot. The samples shall be inspected and
tested in accordance with table V.
4.4.3. Lot rejection. Failure of any sample to pass any inspection or test specified in table V of this
specification shall be cause for rejection of the entire lot represented by the sample. Rejection of a lot shall require
that corrective action be implemented by the contractor.
4.5. Test Conditions. Unless otherwise specified, the routine and referee testing conditions shall be in
accordance with FED-STD-141. The term referee condition shall mean a temperature of 23 1C (73 2F) and a
relative humidity of 50 4 percent. A dry film thickness of 3.8 to 5.1 mm (0.0015 to 0.002 inches (1.5-2.0 mils))
shall be used whenever film thickness is required in any test unless otherwise specified by the test.
4.5.1. Test panels and surface preparation. Test Panels. Test panels shall consist of two types. The two types are:
(1)  Aluminum: Nominal 150 x 300 x 6 mm (6 x 12 x 0.25 in) plate aluminum IAW QQ-A-250/4
(O temper). Aluminum plates shall be abrasive blasted with aluminum oxide that meets Commercial Item
Description A-A-1045, Type I, Class I and solvent cleaned to provide a uniform, clean rough surface with a
profile of 0.050 to 0.076 mm (0.002 to 0.003 in) (nominal) on both sides.

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