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Page Title: Interchangeability test
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ditioning of weapons and parts subjected to
the original surface (before indentation) of
the interchangeability teat.
the cylinder to the bottom of the impression.
4.3.7 Headspace test. With the bolt re-
4.3.6 Interchangeability test.
tracted until the barrel extension and trun-
nion block are separated approximately 1/16 Machineguns. Ten machineguns
inch, each machinegun shall have the dis-
taken at random by the inspector from each
tance between the rear face of the barrel
lot shall be tested for interchangeability of
and the face of the bolt set within the limits
components and assemblies. Tests may be
of the headspace gage (0.202 inch "Go" and
made less frequently when consistent satis-
0.206 inch "No Go.")
factory results have been proven and when
authorized by the procuring agency.
4.3.8 Timing test. The timing test shall be Procedure. Components and assemb-
performed on each machinegun after setting
the headspace. Releasing of the firing pin
lies shown in the list to be furnished by the
assembly shall be accomplished through the
procuring agency shall be disassembled from
medium of the trigger bar. Machineguns  not
the weapons. Components of each kind shall
be placed together and mixed. The machine-
equipped with trigger bars shall be tested
for timing by using a side plate solenoid set
guns shall be reassembled without selecting,
for a protrusion of 0.290 to 0.320. In addi
fitting, or altering any component in any way
tion, not less than 10 percent of each lot of
except that hand fitting will be allowed on
heavy barrel fixed and turret type machine-
not more than 20 percent of the machine-
guns shall be checked for proper timing by
guns, provided that, as a result, no compo-
means of a side plate trigger set for a mini-
nent or assembly is rendered unsuitable for
mum protrusion of 0.285 inch. Protrusion
a s s e m b l y in other machineguns. The as-
shall be measured from the mounting face
sembled machineguns shall operate and func-
to the top of the plunger.
tion properly. With the 0.116 inch "No Fire" gage Spare parts. At least 20 percent of
inserted between the front face of the barrel
the machineguns previously tested for inter-
extension and the trunnion block, an attempt
changeability,  disassembled as necessary,
shall be made to release the firing pin as-
shall be reassembled using components desig-
sembly. The firing pin assembly shall not
nated for use as spare parts. There shall be
release on the first impulse of the firing me-
no hand fitting, and the machineguns shall
chanism. Remove the "No Fire" gage, re-
operate and function properly.
charge weapon, and insert the 0.020 inch
"Fire" gage. The firing pin assembly shall Guns and spare parts concurrently
be released on the first impulse of the firing
made by two or more manufacturers shall
be subjected to an interplant interchange-
ability test. Samples required by procure-
ment documents (see 6.1), representing guns
4.3.9 High pressure test.
and parts from concurrent manufacturers,
shall be placed together, mixed, and tested Each assembled machinegun, and
as prescribed in and
those spare parts for which proof firing is
prescribed on the applicable drawings, shall
be subjected to the firing of one Government All weapons assembled from inter-
standard high pressure proof cartridge under
changed parts shall be subjected to the func-
supervision of the inspector.
tion and accuracy firing tests, and when
applicable, to the targeting firing test. The Unless otherwise specified, suitable
contractor shall be responsible for the con-

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