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Page Title: Function firing test
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4.3.14 Endurance test.
fixtures necessary for proof firing shall be
provided by the contractor. One machinegun selected by the
inspector from each lot, found satisfactory Immediately after proof firing ac-
in other tests, shall be considered as a repre-
ceptance, proof marks shall be applied as
sentative weapon and shall be subjected to
indicated on the applicable drawings.
a 10,000 round endurance test.
4.3.10 Function firing test. Machineguns The firing schedule throughout the
shall be tested for functioning as follows:
test shall be 50 rounds spasmodic fire, fol-
each machinegun shall be fired 50 rounds
lowed by a 50 round continuous burst. The
right side feed and 50 rounds left side feed
barrel shall be cooled by injection of com-
and, in addition, each machinegun shall be
pressed air into the bore after each 100
fired a 10-round burst right side feed and a
rounds. The average cyclic rate of fire shall
10-round burst left side feed for belt pull
be taken and recorded on the last burst of
test. The 10-round metallic linked belts shall
each 500 rounds. The average cyclic rate of
be loaded with 10-rounds of live and 2 rounds
fire for the endurance test shall be as speci-
of dummy ammunition. The live ammunition
fied in 3.11. The direction of feed shall be
shall feed into the machinegun first. Con-
changed after every 500 rounds of firing.
nected to the rear of the link belt shall be
The machinegun shall be cleaned, oiled, and
a flexible connection extending over a free
inspected after each 1,000 rounds and at the
running pulley and connected to a pendent
close of a day's firing, but no component shall
helically wound compensating spring (Draw-
be altered or replaced, except that compo-
ing A5153086) to which is attached a 20-
nents broken or worn to the extent that they
pound w-eight. The pulley shall be so located
are unserviceable shall be replaced. At least
that the metallic linked belt will feed into
two barrels shall be used in the endurance
the gun horizontally or with not over 5 rise
test but not more than 5,000 rounds shall be
from the pulley to the feedway.
fired in any barrel. When consistent satisfactory pro- Unless otherwise specified, endur-
duction has been proven the 50 round left
ance tested machineguns shall be scrapped.
side feed test may be eliminated when au-
thorized by the procuring agency.
4.3.15 Barrel erosion test.
4.3.11 Cyclic rate of fire test. Each ma- Sample. From each lot of machine-
chinegun shall be fired 50 rounds continuous
guns and spare barrels a sample of barrels
fire and the cyclic rate of fire recorded.
shall be selected by the inspector for erosion
testing. Unless otherwise specified, barrels
4.3.12 Targeting firing test. Using an ap-
selected for erosion testing shall be forwarded
proved fixed rest fastened to a suitable base,
to Springfield Armory.
not less than 5 guns from each lot of heavy
barrel flexible and fixed machineguns shall Procedure. Each barrel selected
be targeted in accordance with the targeting
for erosion testing shall be fired as specified
diagram shown on the applicable drawing.
in procurement documents, or, in the ab-
sence of specific requirements therein, as
4.3.13 Accuracy firing test. Using an ap-
specified by Springfield Armory.
proved fixed rest fastened to a suitable base,
not less than 5 machineguns from each lot
4.4 Reinspection and retests.
shall be fired for accuracy requirements in
accordance with the applicable drawing.
4.4.1 Hangfires and misfires. If hangfires

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