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Page Title: Safety and human factors
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3.3.1 Material deterioration prevention and control (MADPAC). The kettle
shall be fabricated from compatible materials, suitably finished, to provide
protection from corrosion and other forms of material deterioration. Assurance
shall be given in the form of a finish plan which clearly identifies the
specific finish or treatment to be used on the various components and
assemblies, to provide protection against the various forms of material
deterioration in the applicable operating and storage environments to which they
may be exposed.
3.4 Safety and human factors.
3.4.1 Safety.  All moving parts which are hazardous to operator or
maintenance personnel shall be fully enclosed or guarded.  All parts which are
subject to high operating temperatures, exposed to contact by personnel or which
create a fire hazard shall be fully guarded or insulated to the extent necessary
to eliminate the hazard.  Fuel tanks shall be located in a manner which will not
allow spills and overflows to run onto enigine, exhaust, furnace shell, or
electrical equipment.  Electrical equipment shall be insulated, fully enclosed,
or guarded.  Nonfunctional sharp edges, projecting points, and protruding length
more than two full threads of fastening devices shall be avoided.  Exhaust from
the kettle furnace. and engine shall be directed so that they do not endanger
personnel or obstruct the view of the operator.
3.4.2 Fire extinguisher.  When specified, (see 6.2) a dry chemical 2-1/2
pound fire extinguisher with a U. L. rating of 8-B:C conforming to O-E-915 and
mounting bracket will be furnished by the Government (see 6.4).  The contractor)
shall mount the extinguisher on the kettle in an area that is accessible from
the operators station.
3.4.3 Human factors.  The characteristic of the kettle shall provide for
operation by personnel ranging from the small man clothed, through the large man
clothed in accordance with SAE J833.
3.4.4 Noise level.  The noise level of the kettle shall be 85dBA or less at
the operator's station when measured in accordance with SAE J919.
3.5 Maintenance.
3.5.1 Ease of maintenance.  All major assemblies and installed attachments
shall be accessible for maintenance, repair, and replacement without the removal
of other major assemblies and installed attachments not normally removed,
Covers or plates which are normally removed for component adjustment, repair,
replacement, or maintenance shall be equipped with quick-disconnect fastenings.
Drain outlets shall be located for accessibility. The configuration of the
kettle shall provide maximum accessibility for removal of engine and drive train
components.  All items of material intended to be carried on board the kettle as
on equipment material shall be conveniently located, adequately mounted to
prevent damage during transport and mounted in such a position that they will

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