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not block access to any assembly, component or part during maintenance
operations.  Ease of maintenance provisions shall incorporate features insuring
operating clearances for hand tools and lubricating equipment, and the
accessibility for service operations such as adding oil to the engine crankcase,
and adding oil to all gear cases.
3.5.2 Interchangeability.  All parts having the same part number shall be
functionally and dimensionally interchangeable. Sizes and types of common
hardware and fastening devices, such as bolts, nuts, screws, washer, connectors,
and valves shall be held to a minimum.
3.6 Trailer:  The kettle shall be mounted on a pneumatic-tired, 2-wheel,
cart-type trailer chassis that shall provide the on-highway and secondary road
mobility specified as follows:
3.6.1 Mobility.  The kettle shall perform as specified when:  (1) equipped
with all attachments, equipment, and accessories stowed for travel and with all
tanks filled to capacity; (2) towed over highways, and secondary roads by a
truck matched to the kettle. Highway travel.  The kettle shall travel over smooth, hard surfaced,
primary highways at sustained speeds up to 45 miles per hour (mph) without
failure or permanent deformation. Secondary road travel.  The kettle shall travel over gravel and
improved  roads at speeds up to 25 miles per hour (mph)without failure or
permanent deformation.
3.6.2 Trailing and turning ability.  The kettle shall trail the towing
vehicle without bottoming, cramping, weaving, or sidesway.  The kettle shall
follow the truck without exceeding the tracking deviation, as specified in DOT
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, 393.70, when towed over a paved
surface.  Jackknife turns of at least 60 degrees, as measured from straight
ahead to the right and to the left, shall not cause damage to or interference
between the truck and kettle.
3.6.3 Frame.  The frame shall be of the ladder type with longitudinal frame
side rails reinforced with transverse crossmembers and gussets to meet the
transport and the equipment operating conditions specified herein.  The web of
the side rails shall be continuous from the towbar to the last crossmember.
Gusseted crossmembers shall tie together, maintain alinement, and distribute the
stress of the suspension mounts.
3.6.4 Suspension.  The kettle shall be equipped with a sprung, single axle
suspension system, tailored to the kettle.  The suspension manufacturer's rated
capacity shall be not less than 150 percent of the load imposed on each member
with the kettle loaded to maximum gvw.  When tested as specified in,
the suspension shall provide a nondamaging ride on graveled surface secondary

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