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Page Title: Acceptance inspection.
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ated under an established and approved qual-
by the contractor, as requested by the Govern-
ity assurance system which has resulted in an
ment, acceptance of the product may be sus-
acceptable product, Government verification
pended. Upon correction of the deficiencies,
will consist of (1) performance of all inspec-
the Government will continue inspection as
tions and tests listed in the detail specification
prescribed in paragraph
and other documents referenced therein, which
are not reserved for sole performance by the
4.2 Preproduction lot. Prior to the start of
contractor, (2) monitoring of those inspec-
regular production, the contractor shall sub-
tions reserved for sole performance by the
mit a preproduction lot manufactured by
contractor, and (3) monitoring of the con-
the same methods and equipment that will
tractor's quality assurance operations, At no
be utilized in performing the work under
time will complete Government verification be
contract, The contracting officer will furnish
reduced less than that permitted by MIL-
instructions for shipment of the lot to a
STD-105 and ORD-M608-11 except under
designated Government laboratory or prov-
those conditions prescribed in
ing ground for examination and test. The
preproduction lot shall consist of the fol- Under the following conditions fur-
ther reduced Government inspection may be
(a) 16 complete mine assemblies.
initiated on a complete or individual operation
(b) 25 sets of component parts.
(a) On a voluntary basis the contractor
Each assembly and component part shall be
includes in his quality assurance
inspected for all the requirements of the
provisions written quality control
applicable drawings and specifications.
procedures evaluated and approved
by the Government.
4.2.1 Results of the tests will be furnished
(b) Verification inspection by the Gov-
to the contractor. (Approval or disapproval of
ernment in accordance with
the preproduction samples will be given by
indicates that the quality of prod-
the responsible testing activity). Instructions
uct continues to be equal to or bet-
for the submission of new samples in case of
ter than that required by this
disapproval of the original sample will be
specification and the referenced
issued by the testing activity. Regular produc-
tion shall not proceed until the preproduction
sample has been approved. At such time as the contractor meets
4,3 Acceptance inspection.
the conditions of above, Government
verification will consist of, as a minimum, in-
4.3.1 Lot, A lot shall consist of mines pro-
spection for critical defects, monitoring of
duced by one manufacturer under one con-
contractor's quality assurance system for
tract, in one unchanged process in accordance
strict compliance to the written plan and re-
with the same drawing, same drawing revi-
view' of contractor records on all inspection
sion, same specification, and same specifica-
performed. If the contractor's quality deterio-
tion. revision.
rates or a departure from the written plan is
noted, the Government inspector will immedi-
4.3.2 Examination. Examination inspection
ately notify the contractor to take corrective
will be performed as specified in MIL-G-2550
action and until the deficiencies have been cor-
and as indicated below. Sampling criteria will
rected, Government verification in accordance
be in accordance with Standard MIL-STD-
with will be performed on those char-
105 or Publication ORD-M608-11 as appro-
acteristics involved to determine acceptability
of the product. If corrective action is not taken

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