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Page Title: High level liquid sensor and shutoff valve.
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3.3.2 Fuel tank fittings and valves.  Fuel tank modules shall be
equipped with a 2-inch, drybreak valve inlet and a 2-inch drybreak
disconnect valve outlet.  Each shall be fitted with a quick dis-
connect coupling (male at the outlet, female at the inlet) to
facilitate the connection of the hoses.  Dust caps and plugs with
retention chains shall be provided on all quick disconnect.  The
quick disconnect couplings shall conform to MIL-C-27487.
In addi-
tion, each fuel tank shall contain a female fitting to accept the
underwing NATO pressure nozzle, type D-1 conforming to MIL-N-5877.
The location of this female fitting shall be such that any commer-
cial nozzle meeting the MIL-N-5877 requirements can be engaged even
when the 2-inch drybreak outlet is manifolded to adjoining tank
The arrangement of inlet fittings should be provided for
filling near the bottom of the tank to minimize splashing and build-
up of a static charge within the tank.
Inlet fittings shall permit
filling rates up to 350 gallons per minute.
3.3.3 High level liquid sensor and shutoff valve.  The fuel tank
module shall contain a shutoff valve and a high level liquid sensor.
The high level liquid sensor shall close the shutoff valve when the
tank is full to prevent fuel spillage by overflowing the tank.  The
high level liquid sensor and shutoff valve shall operate without
the need for electrical power or other auxiliary energy source.
3.3.4  Liquid level indicator.  A liquid level indicator shall
be provided for each fuel tank module.
3.3.5  Manhole.  The manhole shall be compatible with vapor
recovery systems and shall provide access to the interior of the
tank for cleaning and repair.  The manhole shall be provided with
a removable gasketed cover capable of making a leakproof seal. A
spring loaded pressure relief valve shall be incorporated in the
cover to relieve internal pressure while preventing the entrance
of outside air.
Welding and welders.
3.3.6  Welding.  The fuel tank module and its components shall
be welded in accordance with Drawing No. 845009A0000.  Welding shall
meet the requirements of MIL-W-8611.  The surface of parts shall be
free from rust, scale, paint, grease, or other foreign matter.
tack, or intermittent welds shall not be permitted unless otherwise
cited in Drawing No. 845009A0000.  Weld penetration shall be such
as to provide transference of maximum design stress through the base
metal juncture.  Fillet welds shall be provided when necessary to
reduce stress concentration.  All finished weldments shall be reason-
ably straight and true in accordance with good shop practice.  Faulty
weldments shall be corrected by welding only.  Peening shall not be
utilized to correct faults.  Weld spatters shall be removed.  All
parts shall be properly aligned and meshed and operable without
interference,  tight spots or other irregularities.

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