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Page Title: Miscellaneous details - hydraulic motors
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img Vents and drains. - Case design shall include necessary connec-
tions for vent and drain ing purposes and seals capable of withstanding 60 p.s. i.
supercharge pressure.
3.4.5 Miscellaneous details - hydraulic motors. - Displacement.  - All motors shall have a fixed displacement unless
otherwise specified (see 6.1). Low  inertia. - Hydraulic motors shall be designed for low inertia
so as to result in the best possible time constant for the particular size. Minimum steady speed. - It shall be possible to operate all classes
of hydraulic motors with connected load at a steady speed of as low as 50 r.p.m.
operation of the motor and connected load at such speed shall be smooth and
3.5 Identification plates, special marking. - Each pump and motor shall
have identification mark ing in accordance with Standard MIL-STD-130. Special
markings, such as direction of rotation and port marking, shall also be included
as necessary. All plates used for marking shall be in accordance with Specifica-
tion MIL-I-15024.
3.6 Repair parts. -
3.6.1 Onboard repair parts. - Onboard repair parts sets shall consist
of such items as gaskets, seals, springs, vanes and bearings which are easily
replaced in the pump or motor by personnel of limited mechanical experience.
Quantities of each item shall be sufficient for maintenance of the unit for a
period of one year.
3.6.2 Stock repair parts. - When specified (see 6. 1), stock repair . parts
shall be furnis hed in accordance with Specification MIL-R-15137.
3. .3 Repair parts list format. - The format for repair parts lists shall
be as shown in specification MIL-F -17292. Lists shall be attached to the certi-
fication data sheet specified in 3.7.
3.7 Drawings. - Outline, assembly and subassembly drawings shall be
f urnished. Outline or installation drawings shall include a performance curve.
All drawings shall be type I in accordance with Specification MIL-D-963. Certi-
fication data sheets shall be furnished. Approval of drawings shall be by the
bureau or agency concerned or its field representative as specified (see 6.1).

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