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Page Title: Material identification
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under each contract or order unless the complete equipments covered by the outline drawing and the referent
drawings are in fact identical in all respects. Additional sheets shall contain complete performance curves. These curves shall be the per-
formance test curves required by 4.7.1. The curves shall be on graphs which shall have dimensions approxi-
mately but not greater than 7 inches by 10 inches. Each graph shall contain the data required by 4.7.1.
Promptly after completion of the performance tests the additional sheets shall be completed. After approval of the sheet of the class B drawing, which contains the curves, four positive
(white background) prints of each graph shall be forwarded to the Bureau of Ships and any other bureau or
agency concerned. Each graph shall be on a sheet which has the same dimensions as the sheets comprising
the manuals (see 3.9). Each graph shall be arranged on a sheet in such manner that all information shown
thereon may be easily read after insertion, by the bureau or agency concerned, in the manual. Reference to
these curves shall not be contained in the index or text of the manual. Delivery of the final manuals shall not
be delayed by actions required to complete and deliver to the bureau or agency concerned the four sets of pages
showing the performance acceptance test curves. The class B drawings, in addition to the certification data required by MIL-D-963, shall contain
the following
(a) Dimensional outline assembly drawing of the pump with its prime mover, bedplate and attached
(b) Complete performance data of pump, prime mover, and attached auxiliaries, if applicable.
(c) Table of weights of individual components and weight of complete unit.
(d) List of shipbuilder's connections showing size, type and dimensions of flanges.
(e) Center gravity of the pump component and of the complete assembly.
(f) Radii of gyration of complete assembly about each of the three principal axes (required only if the
equipment is to be sound mounted).
(g) Identification of system in which installed.
Note. - Items (c) (table of weights), and (e) (center of gravity), shall be filled out on the initial submission
of drawings for approval. The drawing shall indicate whether these values are calculated or measured. The
values shown on the final drawings shall be actual measur ed values and shall be so indicated. Onboard repair parts list (not required for class CO-1 pumps) .- A list of onboard repair parts
shall be furnished with class B drawings. This list shall be prepared on Provisioning List forms in accordance
with MIL-P -15137 with the additional requirement that the list shall be assigned a manufacturer's drawing
number. The forms shall be assigned sheet 2, sheet 3, and so forth, of the class B drawing. This list shall be
furnished whether or not the parts are required in the pump contract or order. This list shall not be modified
to indicate parts or quantities of parts furnished under supplementary or separate contracts or orders. The
list is intended as a record of recommendations of the manufacturer and purchaser at the time of equipment
drawing approval. The list of onboard repair parts actually purchased shall be prepared as required by MIL-
P-15137 and need not include a manufacturer's drawing number. Contents of class C drawings. - The intent of class C drawings is specified in These
drawings shall consist of small scale (not necessarily to scale) plan and elevation views showing over-all di-
mensions. If the plans cover a family of pump sizes all of the same design, the dimensions may be tabulated.
The range of capacities, pressure and speeds shall be shown. The main part of this drawing shall be an undi-
mensioned sectional assembly with complete list of material which shall include every part required in the
pump assembly.If materials of some parts may change with various pump characteristics or with differing
fluids to be pumped, a table shall be included to show these variations. The main sectional assembly shall
show conventional packing, and a side or partial view shall show a mechanical shaft seal arrangement. Other
alternate subassembly arrangements of different parts may be included as desired. Detail drawings of individual parts are not required in connection with class C drawings, but
may be included if desired by the manufacturer for clarification, or to obtain advance approval.
3.8.5 Material identification. - Preferred material reference. - Where materials of identical or equal quality can be identified by
more than one specification or standard, the drawings need reference only one such specification or standard.
In selecting the specification or standard to be referenced the following is the order of preference:

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