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Page Title: Material substitutions
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(a) Federal specification or standard.
(b) Military specification or standard.
(c) Industry and Technical Society specification or standard.
(d) Manufacturer's specification or standard. Material substitutions. - Where materials other than covered by (a), (b), and (c) of are
referenced and approved, the drawings shall show the complete chemical and physical properties of the
approved material. In addition, the drawings shall identify the material in terms of the nearest Federal or
Military specification, in order to enable Naval repair facilities to make emergency repairs as necessary
from Navy material stocks.
3.8.6 Drawing identification. - As indicated in MIL-D-963, Bureau of Ships drawing numbers are no
longer assigned; hence, the manufacturer's drawing number is now the sole reference identification. "Manu-
facturer" in this case is defined as the company which produces the part, or parts, shown on the drawing. Prime vendors who purchase items from subcontractors shall use the subcontractor's drawing
number as the single reference identification in all cases where the part(s) delineated thereon are produced
by the subcontractor. The prime vendor shall not add his drawing number to the drawing except as an unof-
ficial reference outside the drawing border or margin. Prime vendors who purchase semi-finished parts from subcontractors for final production, test
or selection phases in their own shops, have the option of using as the single drawing identification, either
their own title block and drawing number, or the title block and drawing number of the subcontractor, but not
3.8.7 Prints for approval. - Approval of drawings by either the Bureau of Ships or its field representatives does not relieve
the vendor or manufacturer of complete responsibility for furnishing equipment meeting all performance re-
quirements and characteristics required by the contract or order. Prints of the following class A and class D drawings shall be submitted for approval prior to
manufacture of equipment:
(a) Sectional assembly drawings (see, and detail drawings of the following parts:
Rotating elements.
Casings and heads.
Timing gears.
Shaft sleeves.
Bearing housings.
Sleeve bearings (if used). If manufacture has been authorized, immediately upon signing of a contract based on previously
approved class C drawings, then class A or class D drawings shall be submitted for approval within 60 days
after the date of the contract. After approval, each of the above mentioned drawings shall be lettered or stamped with the ap-
proval notation which shall include reference to the letter of approval and the drawing class for which approval
is received (class A from Bureau of Ships only). In addition, the notation on the sectional assembly drawing
shall indicate satisfactory compliance with this pump specification. Responsibility for all other detail drawings (see rests with the vendor. Each such
drawing shall bear a notation indicating review and approval by a responsible official of either the vendor or
his subcontractor. The notation shall include the name or initials of approving official, his title and the date
of approval. Prints of these drawings need not be furnished to the Bureau of Ships or its field representatives
prior to delivery of the final drawings, unless specifically requested. Prints of class B drawings shall be submitted for approval at the same time as submittal of the
class A or class D drawings. If the class B drawing is submitted covering previously approved class A draw-
ings, prints of the class A drawings shall accompany the class B drawings for information.

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