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Page Title: Repair parts and special tools
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MIL-P-18547A(SHIPS) Prints of class C drawings shall be submitted to the Bureau of Ships for approval. Drawings of drivers and associated equipment shall be in accordance with the specifications cov-
ering those equipments as specified in the contract or order.
3.8.8 Final drawings shall be furnished in strict accordance with requirements of MIL-D-963.
3.9 Manuals. -
3.9.1 Unless otherwise specified in the contractor order, manuals shall be in accordance with type I
of MIL-M- 15071. For class CO-1 pumps the manufacturer's commercial type manuals, or manuals prepared
in accordance with his commercial practice, may be used whenever it is generally equivalent to the require-
ments of MIL-M-15071.
3.9.2 A separate manual shall be furnished for each different pump unit except in special cases when
manuals covering more than one pump may be approved. Preliminary manuals submitted for approval shall
include all proposed sections complete.
3.9.3 Illustrations.- The following illustrations shall be included in the manuals:
(a) Two photographs, taken 180 degrees apart on a horizontal plane.
(b) Reduced size reproductions of approved outline, assembly and sectional drawings of the com-
plete unit.
(c) Approved drawing excerpts of parts or assemblies requiring detailed instruction.
(d) Master drawings covering the driver and control equipment.
(e) Complete operation and maintenance instructions covering driver, control and accessories.
3.9.4 Distribution - Two copies of manuals shall be packed with each unit. Additional copies of manuals
shall be furnished as specified (see 6.1). If final manuals are not available at the time pumps are shipped then
two copies of preliminary manuals shall be packed with each unit; and the final manuals shall be delivered at
a later time in accordance with MIL-M-15071.
3.10 Repair parts and special tools. -
3.10.1 Onboard repair parts. - Onboard repair parts shall be furnished and processed in accordance with
MIL-P -15137. Each set of repair parts shall consist of those parts listed on the latest approved Allowance
Parts List (APL) covering the particular equipment being furnished under the contract or order. If no approved APL exists covering the particular equipment under contract or order then table
III of 6.3 shall be used as the basis for the provisioning forms required by MIL-P-15137.
3.10.2 Special tools and wrenches. - Special tools are defined as those tools not listed in the Federal
Supply Catalog. (Copies of this stock list may be consulted in the office of the Government Inspector.) Special
tools shall be detailed, and included in the list of material. One set of special operating tools and wrenches shall be furnished with each pump unit, and shall
inlcude all wrenches and tools required for the operation of the complete pump units. Each set of special op-
erating tools and wrenches shall be furnished in separate boxes. If there are no more than two such tools per
set they may be attached to the pumps in a secure but readily accessible manner, rather than boxed (see Each tool or wrench shall be indelibly marked indicating the intended purpose. Tools which are available in the Federal Supply Catalog, such as common wrenches and standard
pullers, will not be required. Standard, complete or limited sets of pullers, or parts of puller sets, in accord-
ance with GGG-P -781 shall be identified as to type and use in notes on the outline or section assembly draw-
ings. Each box containing onboard repair parts and tools shall contain a list entitled "List of onboard
repair parts and tools. " The list shall be in a format suitable for use on outline drawings and in the manuals.
It shall not be less than nominal 8-1/2 by 11 inches in size.

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