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Page Title: Mercury prohibition
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4.1.3 Mercury prohibition.  pumps, drivers, and auxiliary parts furnished
by the pump contractor shall be free of mercury contamination and free of
functional mercury.  During the manufacturing processes, checks, examinations
and tests, the product being offered for acceptance shall not come in direct
contact with mercury, any of its compounds, nor with any mercury containing
device, such as gages and thermometers.  The manufacturer shall certify that
the product, when shipped, is free from mercury contamination.
4.2 Classification of inspections.
The inspection requirements specified
herein are classified as follows:
(a) First article inspection (see 4.3).
(b) Quality conformance inspection (see 4.4).
4.3 First article inspection.  First article inspection shall be performed
at a laboratory satisfactory to NAVSEA on each class.  Either horizontal or
vertical units may be submitted.  The several first article tests on one pump
design may be conducted concurrently, if practicable. The test shall fully
establish that the product has the reliability and performance capability
specified herein.  A first article test report shall be prepared in accordance
with the data ordering document included in the contract or order (see 6.2.2).
The following tests shall be performed:
(a) performance evaluation tests specified in 4.6.6 through
and the examination specified in 4.5.  Performance evaluation
tests shall be conducted on one pump of each type, design and
size on each contract or order (see 4.6.6).
(b) Design evaluation tests as specified in 4.6.7 through
Design evaluation tests shall be conducted on one pump of each
type, design and size (see 4.6.7).
4.3.1 First article inspection shall include all sizes of each type and
both horizontal and vertical units.
4.3.2 The contractor of a specific class pump shall submit design data
and calculations, as specified in 3.8 to the Design Review Activity for review
and approval as a prerequisite to the performance of the first article tests
specified herein.  The design record, as specified in 3.9, shall be submitted
upon completion of the first article tests.
4.4  Quality conformance inspection.  Each pump (and subcomponents of each
pump, if applicable) shall be examined as specified in 4.5 and tested as speci-
fied in 4.6.1 through 4.6.5.  Quality conformance inspection shall be fully
documented by a prescribed test procedure and a written record of the perfor-
mance and findings of each test (see 6.2.2).  A compilation of the documentation
of all the quality conformance tests performed on each pump shall be furnished
in duplicate (see 6.2.2).

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