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Page Title: Examination
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4.5 Examination.  Pumps shall be examined in accordance with a completed
part examination check list accompanying each part or assembly.  The examination
shall be performed by inspection personnel not engaged in the fabrication and
assembly of the part.  The check list for each part shall include accurate part
identification and shall list the specific attributes which determine the part's
acceptability.  The check list shall be filled in during the time of examination.
The check list shall be arranged in tabular form, calling forth separately the
following examination assignments, each accompanied by the specific attributes
of acceptability which shall be checked or measured, and the findings recorded:
Dimensions.  They shall be as indicated on the approved design
drawing.  Rotating parts shall be examined for balance and
maximum permissible run-out as indicated on the drawings.
Materials.  Visual examination for compliance with approved
design drawings.  Any appearance of nonconformance shall be
further verified by appropriate tests.
Cleanliness.  Examination for cleanliness shall apply equally
to parts examination prior to assembly as well as subassemblies
and the completed product.
Missing parts.  This examination applies primarily to the
completed product prior to shipment.
Assembly.  During assembly, positioning tolerances and wear ring/
impeller running clearances shall be verified.
Alinement.  The equipment and its subassemblies shall be examined
to insure that the alinement is as specified.
Adjustment.  The adjustment of safety, control, and monitoring
devices shall be verified and the settings recorded.  Settings
which should not be tampered with, once adjusted, shall be tagged
with an appropriate precautionary warning.
Preservation.  The preservation used, the method of application,
and recommended procedure for removal of preservative prior to
placing the unit in service shall be stated on a supplement sheet
and attached to the check list.
4.5.1 A copy of the completed part examination check list for each
completed pump, identified by manufacturer's serial number, shall be furnished
(see 6.2.2).  On these copies, the contractor's quality control manager shall
certify that the inspection requirements specified herein have been fulfilled
and that the unit is in accordance with the approved drawings and the applicable
4.6 Tests. The contracting activity and Government representatives shall
have the right to examine the facilities at the contractor's plants and at the
contractor's subcontractor's plants, and to witness all tests specified herein.
Failures, deficiencies, and discrepancies revealed during the performance of the
specified tests and the corrective measures taken, shall be recorded and fully
documented in the applicable test records and test reports (see 6.2.2). After
correction of deficiencies, tests shall be repeated to the extent necessary to
ascertain acceptability for the modified pump.  Major failures indicative of
the design deficiency (as distinguished from shop error or faulty workmanship)
shall be reported to the design review agency before a correction is made.
Except where specifically required herein to be tested with actual device, tests
of turbine driven pumps may be conducted using a substitute driver provided the
actual device separately passes the tests required by its specification.

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