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4.3.4 Roadability.  Following successful completion of tests specified in 4.3.3,
the complete printing plant, with all contents, shall be secured as specified in
5. and mounted on Government furnished vehicle and subjected to a 100 mile
road test.  The vehicle shall be driven at top legal speed, or as road conditions
permit, for this type equipment.  Not less than 50 percent of the test course shall
be unimproved roads such as earth or partially surfaced gravel, and the remainder
shall be improved roads such as concrete, asphalt, or macadam.  The test shall
include not less than 20 quick starts and stops of the vehicle on grades of not
less than 5 percent or greater than 10 percent.  Fifty percent of the starts and
stops shall be made on ascending grades and 50 percent on descending grades.  This
test need not be repeated during the life of the contract providing subsequent
printing plates are identical to the units tested and accepted. At the completion
of the test, the printing plant shall be reinspected in accordance with 4.2,3.1 and
retested as specified in 4.3.2 and 4.3.3.  Any nonconformance noted on completion
of the road test shall constitute failure of the test.
4.3.5 Center of balance marking.  The location of the center of balance marking
shall be tested for compliance with b placing the fully equipped shelter,
with all supplies properly stored on a pipe roller.  The shelter shall then be
moved on the pipe roller to determine the relationship of the actual center of
balance points and the center of balance markings.  Two checks shall be made; one
with the pipe roller parallel to the shelter skids and one 90 degrees to the skids,
Failure of any actual center of balance to coincide with the applicable center of
balance marking shall constitute failure of this test.
4.3.6 Noise test.  The initial production unit shall be tested for conformance
with the noise limits as specified in 3.3 and shall be in accordance with
Preservation shall be level A or Commercial, as specified
5.1 Preservation.
(see 6.2).
5.1.1 Level A. Preservation application.  The contents of each shelter shall be
preserved in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, using the
preservative application criteria of MIL-P-116. Securing of contents.  The contents of each shelter shall be secured
with means provided.  Component parts that are free to move or rotate, and not
provided with securing means, shall be secured or cushioned in such a manner as to
prevent damage while in transit.  Supplies, when furnished, shall be placed in
appropriate drawers or cabinets.  Supplies subject to damage shall be secured or
cushioned in such a manner as to prevent damage while in transit.  Special care
shall be taken to insure that supplies unit packed in glass bottles are adequately
cushioned.  Supplies subject to damage due to extreme heat or cold shall be shipped

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