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Page Title: External electrical power cable
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MIL-P-43155F(GL) Water system.
All water shall be drained-or flushed from all units
containing water.
5.1,1,4 Air conditioner.  The refrigerant charge shall be pumped down, and the
appropriate valves closed and capped. External electrical power cable,  The external electrical power cables
shall be disassemblied from the shelters.  Each cable shall be coiled.. the coil
secured, and placed within the appropriate shelter. External drain hoses.  The external drain hoses shall be disassembled
from the shelters, the drain openings closed with dust caps where provided and the
hoses placed within the shelters.
5.1.1,7 Door.  The access door of each shelter shall be closed and secured with
the padlocks provided.  The padlock keys shall be placed in a cotton cloth draw-
string bag, the bag securely tied, closed and secured to the door padlock loop,
The bag shall be further secured to the door handle with a minimum 0.057 inch
diameter annealed wire.
5.1.2 Commercial.
Printing plants shall be preserved in accordance with ASTM D
5.2 Packing.
Packing shall be level A.
5.2.1 Level A. Railway shipment,  Loading of the printing plant in railroad cars shall
be in accordance with the rules governing the loading of commodities in closed cars
or on open top cars of the Association of American Railroads. Highway shipment,  Shipment shall be in accordance with the Motor
Carriers Safety Regulations of The Code of Federal Regulations 49 CFR.
5.3 Marking.  In addition to any special marking required by the contract or
purchase order, the printing plant shall be marked in accordance with MIL-STD-129
or ASTM D 3951 except marking shall be accomplished on plywood, lumber, or
hardboard panels as specified herein for unpacked vehicles.  In addition, the words
"HANDLE WITH CARE" shall be marked on the panels.  Two panels, marked as specified,
shall be securely fastened to each shelter by wiring or bolting in such a manner as
to prevent loss in transit or damage to the shelter,
5.3.1 Additional marking.  Closed valves of the air conditioners shall be tagged
or otherwise clearly marked with instructions for restoring to service.  Warning
tags shall be prominently affixed to the air conditioner controls, and shall
caution against operating the unit without opening valves.  Paper envelopes
containing publications shall be appropriately marked.

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