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Page Title: Targeting and accuracy testing
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Examine pistols, partially assembled pistols, and compo-
nents (including components and subassemblies at in-process
or final assembly) to insure that material containing the
same defect Is purged from the Inventory and not presented
to the Government for acceptance.
submit the results of the failure analysis and the correc-
tive actions taken to the Government for review and
approval prior to submitting a reconditional lot or re-
conditioned pistols for retest. Trigger pull high-pressure resistance, and function
firing testing Each pistol In the inspection lot shall be tested for
trigger pull (see 3.3.1), high-pressure resistance (see 3.3.2), and
function firing (see 3.3.3), using the test methods specified in 4.6.1,
4.6.2, and 4.6.3 respectively. Pistols failing to meet any of the re-
quirements shall be rejected and the contractor shall perform corrective
action as specified in (Testing of pistols for function firing
and targeting and accuracy may be performed concurrently). Targeting and accuracy testing. Each pistol in the in-
spection lot shall be tested for targeting and accuracy (see 3.3.4) using
the test methods specified in 4.6.4. (Testing of pistols for targeting
and accuracy and functioning firing may be performed concurrently.)
Refiring any individual target of five shots will be permitted to elim-
inate non-representative results due to ammunition "flyers". A flyer"
is defined as a shot hole which is a greater distance from the nearest
shot hole than the extreme spread of the other four shots of. the five-
shot group. One refiring of any target will be permitted to eliminate
non-representative results induced by faulty test procedure or malfunction-
ing test equipment. Pistols failing to meet the requirements shall be
rejected and the contractor shall perform corrective action as specified
in Enchrance testing. One pistol selected at random from each
inspection lot and found satisfactory in all other tests shall be tested
for-endurance (see 3.3.5) in accordance with test method 4.6.5. Failure
of the pistol shall be cause for retest or rejection of the represented
lot. A retest of one other pistol from the same lot shall be made, unless,
in the opinion of the Government representative, the failure indicates
serious defects in the item. If serious defects exist a retest shall be
made only if authorized by the Government. If a second retest is not
made or the pistol selected fails in the first retest, the lot shall be
rejected and the contractor shall perform corrective action as specified
in Two pistols from each reconditioned lot shall be subjected

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