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Page Title: Accuracy of correction counter
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MIL-Q-50385(MU) Accuracy of correction counter .- This test can be performed
using the procedure outlined in  After the accuracy of the eleva-
tion setting has been established, turn the correction counter in the plus
and minus direction to indicate a 25 mil setting.  The elevation counter
shall rotate in an opposite direction 25 roils from the original setting of
the elevation counter within the limits outlined in 3.7.3.  Repeat this
procedure at the 50 mil setting each side of the level position. Range of correction counter.- This test may be performed
during the previous test.  The test is performed by rotating the correction
knob in the maximum clockwise and counterclockwise directions. At each
maximum rotation, the counter shall produce a reading within the limits
outlined in 3.8.2. Minimum cant travel and backlash.- With the quadrant positioned
as outlined in, rotate the crosslevel knob full clockwise.  Place
the inspection aid over the crossleveling pads. Set the inspection aid to
indicate level.  The angle read on the inspection aid must be within the
limits of 3.7.4.  Repeat this procedure with the crosslevel knob in the
full counterclockwise position.  Backlash to be measured in at least two
places each side of zero cant.  Perform this test by selecting any angle of
cant, scribe on index line on the crosslevel knob and another on the casting.
Turn the crosslevel handwheel in the opposite direction and level the
quadrant level vial.  Sight through the collimator and observe coincidence
between the vertical reticle line and vertical target line. This difference,
if any, is backlash and shall not exceed the limits specified in Elevation adjustment.- With the mount and fixture set as out-
lined in, rotate the elevation adjustment screw maximum clockwise
and counterclockwise from the leveled position while sighting through the
adapter collimating telescope.  The intersecting point of the reticle line
must coincide with or exceed the limits of the 36 mil target block to con-
form to the requirement of  At the completion of the test, return
line of sight to the intersecting point of target lines c and D. Illumination. Counter numbers.- Place the instrument in a dark room
having a controlled light source.  The observer and instrument must become
dark adapted.  After being adapted to the darkness, the observer shall
visually examine the counter numbers.  They must be clearly discernible
to assure conformance with 3.11.1.  Gradually raise the ambient level of
light in the dark room 1 foot candle of illumination in the area of the
counter. The counter numbers shall be clearly discernible to assure
conformance with 3.11.1.
Place the instrument in a dark room having a Level vial.-
observer and instrument must become dark
controlled light source. The
to the darkness, the observer shall visually
adapter. After being adapted
and the graduation.  They must be clearly
examine the level vial bubble

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