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Page Title: Operator's platform
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elevated dumping position, the truck body shall not interfere with hopper (where
overflow belting is provided, contact by the truck body with the belting will be
permitted provided no permanent deformation or damage results). Two handles,
one on each end of the hopper, shall be provided for manual movement of the
spreader. The handles shall permit manual movement of the spreader without
interference from the truck tires and shall not interfere with the truck tires
during spreading operations.
3.8.1 Operator's platform. An operator's platform with safety rail (see 3.6)
shall be provided.  The platform shall be the full width of the hopper and shall
attach to the hopper by hooks or other means to permit removal and storage. The
safety rail shall incorporate an opening to permit personnel to mount and
dismount from the operator's platform.  The operator's platform shall have an
antiskid surface which conforms with MIL-W-5044 applied in accordance with
3.9 Feed roll.  The spreader shall be provided with a feed roll that extends
the full length of the receiving hopper.  The feed roll shall be located in the
back pocket of the receiving hopper and shall be driven by the support wheels
through the drive mechanism.
3.9.1 Drive mechanism.  A drive mechanism that synchronizes the speed of the
drive with the speed of the support wheels shall be provided. Controls shall be
provided on the feed-roll drive mechanism so that the feed roll may be set in
the neutral position, set in the forward direction, or set in the reverse
direction.  These positions shall be labeled "Feed, Neutral, Forward, Reverse";
letter height for this label shall exceed 3/8 inch in accordance with 3.6. The
controls may be either manual or automatic.  If automatic control is used, it
must be appropriately labeled if the control is manipulated by the operator.
The drive mechanism shall include an automatic declutching device that shall
prevent the feed roll from reversing direction when the direction of spread is
reversed.  If the clutch is manipulated by the operator, it shall be labeled
"Clutch, Engaged, Disengaged" in l/2-inch high letters and with a double ended
arrow to show direction of movement in accordance with 3.6. All moving parts of
the drive mechanism except the input and output shaft shall be enclosed in a
dusttight housing.
3.10 Adjustable gate.  The adjustable gate shall be constructed of steel,
shall run the full length of the hopper, and shall be reinforced against
sagging.  The gate shall control the rate of discharge to produce coverage
between 15 pounds and 75 pounds per square yard.  The coverage shall be uniform
within + 10 percent by weight.  The gate shall be operated by two positive-screw
adjustments or two levers which can be locked in not less than six positions.
All positions shall be labeled to indicate approximate feed rates in l/2-inch
high letters in accordance with 3.6.  Each control mechanism shall be capable of
independent manipulation to permit regulating the gate for either uniform or
tapered spreads.  The spreader shall have an indicator plate showing open and
closed positions and identification of each opening of the gate. Required gate
openings for desired application rates shall be established through trial runs.

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