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Page Title: Power cable adapter assembly
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3.8.3.l.l Power cable adapter assembly. A power cable adapter
assembly shall be furnished.  The assembly shall consist of a 4-pole
female connector on one end of a 5-foot length of cable conforming
to MIL-C-3432, type CO-03HGF (3/00 - 3/5R) 1750. A strain collar shall
be provided to accommodate the safety chain on the male connector of
the main feeder cable.  A protective cap attached to the adapter with
sash chain shall be provided to prevent loss.  The other end of the
f'ceder cable shall have 12 inches of the cable jacket removed and shall
have 1 inch of insulation stripped from each conductor. The assembly
shall be equal to and interchangeable with JOY part No. X8617-24. Auxiliary cable for plate feeder (gro und mounting ). For
ground mounting the plate feeder (see 3.10.3), the internal wiring
of the screening unit for this component shall be augmented with a 75-
foot power cable extension.  When the plate feeder is ground mountedf
the control of the feeder shall remain in the same location as when
the feeder is mounted on the screening unit. The 75-foot-long auxil-
iary cabie shall conform to MIL-C-3432, type CO-04HGF (4/10) 0767,
detachable at both ends, and provided with a male connector equal to
and interchangeable with Joy part No. X8060-M on one end and a female
connector equal to and interchangeable with Joy part No. X8060F on the
other end. The cable assembly shall be equal to and interchangeable
with Joy part No. X8060-74.
A manually operated reel Cable reel for auxiliary cable.
permanently mounted on
to contain the auxiliary power cable shall be
construction and ratchet
the plate feeder.  The reel shall be of steel
cable on the reel.
type, and provision shall be made to lock the Internal wiring.  internal wiring shall be installed in
conduit conforming to WW-C-566 or WW-C-581. Conduit outlets shall
conform to W-C-586.  A ground wire shall be carried as the fourth
wire and shall be grounded to the screening unit in such a manner as
to assure an electrical bond between all electrical apparatus and
the equipment on which it is mounted.  Branch circuit conductors,in-
cluding wiring internal to starters, breakers, and other electric
wiring and devices, which carry motor-running current, shall have a
current-carrying capacity of not less than 125 percent of the appli-
cable motor-running current.  Control subcircuits not carrying motor-
running current shall be no smaller than No. 14 AWG wire.  Such sub-
circuits shall include wiring internal to the control panel but not
internal to starters, breakers, or other electrical devices. Plug-in
connections in branch circuits shall have a positive lock to prevent
accidental disconnection.  Each wire in the system shall be number
coded near each connector.

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