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Page Title: Methods of inspection.
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4.6.1 Frequency. The government shall select at random one out of each 50 trailers
submitted, or one a month, (but not more than two trailers or less than one trailer in any given
30 day period), for examination, test, and 50 mile road test by the contractor. Semitrailer(s)
selected shall have passed the quality conformance examination in 4.5 through 4.5.3.
4.6.2 Failure. If a trailer fails to pass any control test specified herein, the Government
inspector shall withhold acceptance of subsequent trailers until evidence has been provided by the
contractor that corrective action has been taken.
4.6.3 Fifty mile test. The test trailers shall be equipped with all stowage and on vehicle
equipment, loaded with maximum payload; and operated for a distance of 50 miles. This test shall
be performed at the place of manufacture by the contractor and be witnessed by Government
representatives. The test course shall be a relatively smooth hard surfaced road.
4.7 Comparison tests. The Government may select a trailer at any time during the contract
production period and subject this trailer to all applicable tests specified in table IV and a
3,000 mile test using the percentage of mileage specified in table II. Tests shall be conducted by
the Government at a site selected or approved by the Government. Trailer, selected for
comparison test shall not include any trailer previously tested for conformance to 4.6 by the
contractor. Unless otherwise specified by the Government (see 6.2), the contractor shall
recondition the test trailer to like-new condition after test completion (see 6.9).
4.7.1 Failure. Deficiencies of comparison test trailers found resulting from workmanship or
materials shall be cause for rejection of such test trailers until evidence has been provided by the
contractor that corrective action has been taken to eliminate the deficiency. Any deficiency found
during, or as a result of the comparison test, shall be evidence that all trailers currently produced
are similarly deficient unless evidence satisfactory to the contracting officer is furnished by the
contractor that they are not similarly deficient. Deficiencies on all trailers shall be corrected by
the contractor at no additional cost to the Government.
4.8 Methods of inspection.
4.8.1 Frame examination. To determine conformance to 3.4, each semitrailer frame shall be
examined for proper assembly. Prior to the welding of the top and bottom cover plates, the trailer
frame welds shall be visually examined. All frame examinations shall be accomplished prior to
application of primer and paint,
4.8.2 Seal leakage examination. To determine conformance to 3.4.1, after fording operation
(see, all wheel bearings, as applicable, shall be checked for lubricant leakage. Water
contamination shall not be more than 2 percent by volume.
4.8.3 Electrical circuit examination. To determine conformance to 3.4.2 and, current
and voltage levels and continuity of the electrical system shall be tested.

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