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Page Title: Air line and fitting examination
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4.8.4 Lighting system examination. To determine conformance to, the lights,
wires/cables, and sockets shall be checked for conformance to the applicable drawing and tested
for operation.
4.8.5 Welding and burning examination. To determine compliance with 3.4.3,, and all welding, welding repairs, and burning operations shall be visually examined for removal
of slag and to determine if approved procedures have been followed.
4.8.6 Lifting attachments test. To determine conformance to 3.4.4, the fully loaded trailer
(see table III) shall be lifted a minimum of 12 inches and held for 15 minutes; then examined for
damage to the trailer and lifting devices.
4.8.7 Tire examination. To determine conformance to 3.4.5, tires shall be examined. Tires
must be 12 ply, 11.00-20, tube type, inflated to 75 psi.
4.8.8 Landing gear test. To determine conformance to 3.4.6, the trailer shall be loaded with
the maximum payload (see table III) to assure that the landing gear can support the intended load.
The landing gear shall then be tested (exercised) for meeting functional requirements and ease of
4.8.9 Tiedown device examination. To determine conformance to 3.4.7, all trailer tiedown
devices shall be examined for drawing and specification requirements.
4.8.10 Air brake system test. To determine conformance to 3.4.8, the brake system shall be
actuated to assure function of the parking, emergency and brake adjustment systems. Air line and fitting examination. To determine conformance to, the air lines,
fittings, and air system shall be inspected for cleanliness and leakage as specified. Air pressure of
100 + 10 psi (shop air) shall be applied to the brake system. All brake line tubing and joints shall
be covered with a soap water solution to find leaks in the tubing or joints. When fittings and
tubing have been secured from leakage, a pressure gage shall be applied to the system after it has
been pressurized to 100 + 10 psi. A pressure drop of more than 34 psi in one hour shall be
considered a deficiency. The installation shall be checked to insure that fittings are properly
assembled and that air lines are not chafing each other or adjacent parts of the trailer. As an
alternative, truck air pressure of 120 + 10 psi may be used with no drop in pressure beyond 6 psi
in 2-minutes. Air loss through porous fitting on the emergency valve is allowed but not in excess
of test requirements. Brake actuator seals examination. To determine conformance to during
normal operations and after fording, the seals shall be checked for leakage and water
4.8.11 Performance. Environmental operation test. To determine conformance to 3.5.1, trailer shall be
capable of withstanding the temperature extremes specified.

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