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Page Title: Interior arrangement
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MIL-T-14382W Insulation. The body roof, sides, floor, rear end, and rear doors shall be insulated.
Insulation shall provide resistance to the transfer of heat equivalent to the protection afforded by
a 1-inch thick batt having a thermal conductivity of 0.24 British thermal units per square feet per
degrees Fahrenheit per hour per 1-inch thickness in normal ambient air temperatures. Insulation
shall be either flexible or batt type, fibrous or cellular material having a moisture absorption
capacity of less than 2 percent by weight and shall be asbestos-free. Materials shall be odorless
and fire retardant. The insulation shall not breed nor promote the growth of fungus and shall not
cause nor accelerate corrosion of steel, copper or aluminum. The insulation shall be cemented to
the inner side of the external skin and shall be provided with means to retain the insulation under
all operating conditions. Cement shall be waterproof and the resulting bond shall provide shear
strength sufficient to prevent sag of the insulation when the assembled vehicle is operated at
speeds up to 55 mph over improved roads and at appropriate speeds cross country. All insulation
shall be installed prior to the closing of spaces in the body side, roof, floor, front, end, and door
panels. Interior arrangement. The patients' compartment shall be furnished with a seat on
both sides of the body, each approximately 103 inches in length. Stowage compartments shall be
provided under the seats. A space of 8 to 10 inches shall be provided between the seats and the
front partition for the placement of an oxygen tank and for other stowage. Litter supports shall
be provided for both: (a) four Navy Stokes litters, 84-3/4 inches in length, 23-1/2 inches in
width, and 7-1/2 inches in height; and (b) four Army standard litters (STANAG, 2040),
90 inches in length, 23 inches in width, and 6-3/4 inches in height; all in any combination of up
to four litters at one time, at the operator's option. Stowage compartments. The underseat stowage compartments shall have an inside
width of 20 inches and an interior height of 15 inches, both plus or minus 1/2 inch. The stowage
compartments shall be constructed of all aluminum and shall serve as a base for seating, for
litters, and for upper litter support racks, each at the operator's option. The stowage
compartments shall be provided with complete aluminum structural framing and aluminum seat
bases (tops) capable of supporting five, 240-pound, seated ambulatory patients on both sides of
the aisle. Stowage compartment construction. Two sliding doors or three pull-out drawers
shall be furnished for each compartment, providing access from the aisle. The sliding doors and
the drawers shall remain shut during travel, start-up, braking and turning. For sliding doors,

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