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Page Title: Lower litter racks
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upper and lower sliding door tracks shall be provided, shall be of double channel aluminum and
shall provide positive alinement of the sliding doors. The sliding door tracks shall be mounted on
stowage compartment structural framing. The sliding doors shall be of aluminum not less than
0.090 inch thick with recessed finger cups. When pull-out drawers are furnished in lieu of
sliding doors, two drawers shall be full height and depth pull-out type on either side of a full
height, bottom hinged, bin type drawer. The drawers shall be of heavy duty aluminum
construction. Drawer slides and bin hinges shall be mounted on stowage compartment structural
framing. The front and rear end of compartments shall be enclosed with aluminum sheet
attached to compartment structural framing. A l/4-inch drain hole from the bottom, rear, wall
side corner of each stowage compartment into the patients' area shall be provided. Lower litter racks. Two extruded aluminum alloy guide strips, each the full length
of the stowage compartment, shall be mounted on top of both stowage compartments for
positioning and guiding the stirrups of an Army standard litter. Each guide strip shall be formed
to be one of the longitudinal edges of the stowage compartment top. An aluminum top to the
stowage compartment (seat base) shall be provided between and attached to the guide strips. Not
less than four aluminum structural member lateral supports shall be provided under the top
(seat base). The aluminum top (seat base) between the guide strips shall be recessed to
accommodate a removable seat cushion (see when the operator so desires. Guide strips. Each guide strip shall have a horizontal surface not less than
2-3/4 inches wide to support a plastic skid strip and shall have vertical lips approximately
1/2 inch high above the top of the plastic skid strip to provide guides for an Army litter. The
extruded aluminum guide strips shall be parallel and separated by 18 inches plus or minus
1/8 inch. The longitudinal centerline of the guide strip nearest the wall shall be not more than
3-3/8 inches inside the edge of the rear door opening. Plastic skid strips conforming to
shall be provided in the guide strips. Skid strips. A nominal 2-inch wide by 1/4-inch thick fire-resistant hard plastic skid
strip shall be provided centered between the lips of each guide strip. The plastic skid strips shall
have a coefficient of friction on steel of not more than 0.25 for ease of sliding a loaded Army
litter. The plastic skid strips shall be free of protrusions and seams and shall facilitate the sliding
of Army litter supports (stirrups).

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