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Page Title: Upper litter rack operation
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MIL-T-14382W Upper litter racks. Two upper litter racks, each capable of being raised and lowered,
each capable of securely supporting, during off-road operations, a 240-pound patient on a litter in
the raised position and each capable of supporting five seated personnel when in the lowered
position, shall be furnished. Racks shall be constructed to include two extruded aluminum guide
strips, conforming to, with skid strips conforming to The guide strips shall be
formed and installed to be the sides of the racks. The space between the two guide strips shall be
recessed to form a rigid, metal well or pocket between them for a removable seat cushion
(see The guide strips shall be connected with aluminum structural member end
sections and not less than four intermediate aluminum structural member lateral supports. Each
upper rack guide strip shall be vertically above that on the corresponding lower rack. Upper litter rack operation. Captive pins to engage upper litter rack supports shall
be provided at the forward end of each upper litter rack. Telescopic handles or a full width fixed
handle shall be provided at the rear of each upper litter rack to raise and lower the rack with a
litter in place. Telescopic handles shall be capable of 12-inch extension. The height from the
floor to the top of the upper litter plastic skid strip with the upper litter racks lowered shall be
17-5/8 inches, 1/16 inch. The raised upper litter racks shall be 21 inches, plus l/2 inch minus
0 inch, above the lower litter racks, measured from top-to-top of the plastic skid strips. All parts,
whether in use or stowed, shall be free of rattles during over-the-road and off-road operations. Upper litter rack front supports. Forward supports for the upper litter racks shall be
fabricated of 6061T6 aluminum alloy channels. The supports shall be rigidly attached near the
forward end of the stowage compartments with 6061T6 aluminum structural members attached to
roof and floor structural members. The forward supports shall accept captive pins to support the
forward end of the racks to provide positive retention then the racks are raised and horizontal and
also when only the front of the racks are raised and the rear of the racks are lowered onto the
lower racks. The loading of Army litters up the incline so formed by the upper racks shall then
be possible. Pins shall be integral with the rack supports. There shall be no other moving or
loose parts required for retention or pivoting of the upper racks at the forward end.
Arrangements shall be made to lower the entire upper litter rack assembly down to a horizontal
position on top of the lower litter racks.

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