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Page Title: Upper litter rack rear supports
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MIL-T-14382W Upper litter rack rear supports. Rear supports for holding each upper litter rack in
the upper horizontal position shall be a hook pivoted from the wall and a hook suspended from
the ceiling. Means for positive retention of these hooks when in use and when in the stowed
positions shall be provided. Wall hooks shall be attached to wall structural members. Ceiling
hooks shall be attached to roof structural members and shall be recessed when stowed. Resilient bumpers. Resilient bumpers shall be secured to the front of all racks as a
forward stop for litters. The bumpers shall be large enough to allow for wide variations in litter
handle height and spacing. Seat cushions. Seat cushions shall be provided. The cushions shall be fully
supported by, but not secured to, the upper or lower litter racks (at the operator's option) between
the guide strips. The cushions shall be 18 inches wide, plus or minus 1/8 inch, by 1-1/2 inches
plus 0, minus 1/8 inches thick, and shall extend the full length of the litter racks. All litter racks
shall have a recessed pocket so that the top surface of the seat cushions shall be 5/8 inch
1/16 inch above the top (sliding) surface of the litter rack plastic skid strips to provide
maximum possible comfort yet still clear the spreader bars on Army litters. Seat backs. A seat back shall be provided on both sides and shall run the full length
of the seats. The backs shall be not less than 12 inches high by one inch thick with the bottom
edge approximately 6 inches above the top of the seat cushion with the seat cushion in place on
the lower racks. The seat backs shall be securely and permanently attached to the side walls. Seat and seat back upholstery. The seat cushions and seat backs shall be padded
with flexible urethane polyester foam. The foam shall be nonallergenic, flame-resistant,
nontoxic, and shall not absorb moisture or body odors. Density shall be a nominal four pounds
per cubic foot. The foam padding shall be capable of withstanding 100 percent humidity and of
withstanding an ambient temperature of minus 65F without any evidence of deformation or cell
breakdown. Flexible latex polyester foam padding shall not be furnished. The seat cushions and
seat backs shall be upholstered with vinyl having a nylon backing of not less than 20 ounces per
square yard. The color of the upholstery shall be a near match to the upholstery in the driver's
compartment. Litter tiedown and stowage. Web strap holders for 2 inch straps shall be installed.
Web strap holders shall be secured with machine screws and locking nuts or "rivnuts." Twenty
web strap assemblies, Army P/N 11658584-2 with web strap holders for each shall be furnished
and installed as follows:

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