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Page Title: Oxygen tank holding devices
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(a) Two along the top of the side wall on each side of the patient compartment, arranged to
hold folded Army litters in stowed position
(b) Two at the aisle edge and two against the wall, on top of the stowage compartment, on
both sides of the body, arranged to hold litters in place on the lower racks
(c) Two along the aisle edge and two against the wall side edge of the guide strips on both
upper litter racks, arranged to hold litters in place on the upper racks
(d) The web strap holders shall be placed approximately 76 inches apart, longitudinally. Intravenous hooks. Five small harness hooks which fold or swivel out of the way
on impact shall be secured to structural members in the ceiling. The hooks shall be located
8 inches from the longitudinal body centerline, two on the streetside and three on the curbside. Fluorescent light. One 120-volt, 40-watt fluorescent light, with an instant starter,
located along the centerline of the patients' compartment, shall be provided. Inverter-ballast
devices shall be incorporated into the light fixture to enable the light to be operated from the
12-volt vehicle battery. Light switches shall be provided, one at the rear and one at the front of
the patients' compartment. The light shall be provided with guards to prevent breakage and
padded bumpers, as required, at the front and rear to prevent injury. The light, fixture, and
guards shall project not more than 4 inches below the vehicle roof. Oxygen tank holding devices. Holding devices to secure one "M" size oxygen tank
shall be furnished at the front of the patients' compartment. The structural members of the
holding devices shall be attached to the roof and floor structural members or to structural tapping
plates provided for that purpose. At least two clamping strap or chain devices shall be furnished
for holding the oxygen tank in position. The holding devices shall secure the tank in a location
where gage and connections are accessible to the attendant, but where the tank does not interfere
with the driver's and assistant driver's view of the patients' compartment. A base plate, either
round or square, of not less than 3/16 inch thick aluminum with upturned lip(s) shall be furnished
for the oxygen tank. The lip(s) shall be of such a height as to hold the oxygen tank securely in
place in conjunction with the clamping straps or chain holding devices. The "M" size oxygen
tank is approximately 7-1/8 inches in diameter and 46 inches high with valve, with approximately
106-cubic-foot capacity and weighs 75 pounds empty and 83 pounds full. The oxygen tank is not
required to be furnished, except for demonstration purposes during inspection.

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