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Page Title: Resistance to saline atmosphere
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MIL-T-17491H (SA)
25 pounds (11.3 kg).  The force on the mechanism for keeping the brakes
disengaged shall not exceed 5 pounds (2.2.Kg). The brakes shall operate in a
wet and saline atmosphere w-hen tested as specified in and
Brake cable and conduit assembly shall have a stainless steel cable and the
conduit shall be packed at assembly with grease. Conduit shall be run inside
the steering handle.
3.6.9 Weight and lifting.  The truck shall comply with weight and lifting
requirements of 3.1 and 3.5.8 when truck is tested in accordance with
3.6.10.  Drop.  The truck shall withstand a 3-foot (914 mm) drop to a concrete
surface without failure of any component when tested as specified in
3.6.11 Resistance to saline atmosphere. The components of the truck shall
withstand the corrosive effects of salt fog w-hen tested as specified in without loss or deterioration of required performance. The above
applies to all components including all piston rods, shafts, axles, chains,
keys, pins, and other components or parts thereof exposed to the weather and
which must be removed, opened, or released for service or repair of the truck
or of its components.
3.6.12 Endurance.  The truck shall meet the requirements of 3.6.1, 3.6.2,
3.6.4, 3.6.5, 3.6.6, and 3.6.7 after being tested in accordance with
3.7 Bearing.  Bearing load capacity, including applicable safety factors, as
rated by the bearing manufacturer, shall be equal to or greater than maximum
bearing loading under normal truck operation.
3.8 Lubrication.  Accessible means shall be provided for applying lubricant,
and where necessary, checking the level of lubricant. Oil drain plugs and
connections shall provide for instant drainage using common maintenance shop
3.8.1 Grease fittings.  Components requiring grease lubrication shall be
provided with pressure grease fittings in accordance with SAE J534.
3.9.1 Surface preparation.  All exterior surfaces shall be thoroughly clean to
provide a surface free from mill scale, oil, grease, dirt, and rust in
accordance with the supplier standard practice. Painting.  The cleaned and dried surfaces prepared in accordance with
3.9.1, shall be painted with not less than one coat of metallic base primer and
two coats of synthetic enamel. The primer and finish coats shall be applied in
accordance with the supplier's standard practice. Unless otherwise specified
(see 6.2), the finish coat shall be yellow corresponding to color number 13538
of Fed. Std. NO. 595. The finish coat When dry shall have a smooth, even
surface, free from runs, sags, or foreign material. Surfaces of components and
assemblies not normally painted with a finish coat shall be cleaned and
prepared in accordance with the supplier's standard practice.
3.9.2 Plating.  Components of trucks required to be plated shall be treated,
and chromium plated in accordance with QQ-C-320, type I, class 2, or zinc

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