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Page Title: Hydraulic system
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MIL-T-17491H (SA)
5.1.l.3 Hydraulic system.  The hydraulic fluid supply tank shall be filled
with the fluid recommended for operation. The piston shall be fully retracted
into the cylinders  Any exposed portions of the piston rod shall be coated with
preservative specified in Equipment manual.  The equipment manual shall be preserved in
accordance with MIL-P-116, method IC-1 or IC-3 and secured to the basic unit
with tape conforming to PPP-T-97, type and size optional, in a manner to
prevent damage.
5.1.2 Level C.  Each grease fitting and the hydraulic system shall be charged
to capacity with the grease or hydraulic fluid recommended for operation. The
equipment manual shall be placed in a waterproof envelope and secured to the
truck. Additional preservation and packaging shall be limited to that required
to afford protection against corrosion deterioration, and damage from the
supplier to the initial destination.  The supplier may use his standard
commercial packaging when it fulfills these requirements.
Packing shall be level A, B, or C as specified.
5.2 Packing.
5.2.1 Level A.  Each complete truck shall be packed in a close-fitting box
conforming to PPP-B-621, class 2, style 20 The truck shall be blocked, braced,
and anchored within the box in a manner to prevent movement or damage. Box
closure and strapping shall be in accordance with the appendix to the box
specification.  Strapping shall be zinc coated and shall be placed adjacent to
the skids.
5.2.2 Level B.  Each complete truck shall be packed as specified in 5.2.1 for
level A except the box shall be class 1 and strapping need not "be zinc coated.
5.2.3 Level C.  Each complete truck shall be packed to assure carrier
acceptance and safe delivery to destination at lowest ratings in compliance
with Uniform Freight Classification rules or National Motor Freight
Classification rules.
Marking shall be in accordance with MIL-STD-129.
5.3 Marking.
6.1 intended use.  Hand lift pallet trucks described herein are intended for
roving single or double faced pallet loads of material over short distances
aboard ship, or loading platforms, and shipboard docks, within the military
supply system.  Plastic rear wheels are intended for use over smooth, trowelled
concrete or wooden floors.
6.2 Ordering data. Procurement documents should specify the following:
(a) Title, number, and date of this specification.
(b) Size, and class truck required (see 1.2).
(c) Time frame required for submission of preproduction model (see 3.3).

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