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Page Title: Continuance of production tests
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MIL-T- 38676 (USAF)
4 . 5 . 2 . 1 R e j e c t i o n a n d r e t e s t .  When any item selected from a pro-
d u c t i o n run fails to meet the specification, no item still on hand
o r later produced shall be accepted until the extent and cause of
f a i l u r e are determined and solved.
4 . 5 . 2 . 2 Continuance of production tests.  P r o d u c t i o n tests may be
c o n t i n u e d at the discretion of the contracting officer pending the
i n v e s t i g a t i o n o f a s a m p l i n g t e s t f a i l u r e .  However, f i n a l acceptance
o f items on hand or produced later shall not be made until it is
d e t e r m i n e d that the items meet all the requirements of this specifi-
c a t i o n and applicable drawings.
4 . 5 . 3 Defects in items already accepted.  T h e investigation of a
t e s t failure could indicate that defects may exist in items previously
a c c e p t e d .  T h e contractor shall be responsible for correcting the
k n o w n defect in all units up through the previous sampling test.
4 . 6 Test methods and Procedures.
4.6.1 Brake system tests.
4 . 6 . 1 . 1 P a r k i n g b r a k e s .  The loaded [15,000 lb - 80% on rear axles
a n d 20% on front axles) trailer shall be positioned on level, dry
c o n c r e t e surface.  I n s t a l l a dynamometer between the lunette of
t r a i l e r tow bar and prime mover and/or winch system.  A horizontal
f o r c e of 8S00 lbs shall be applied to the dyamometer/tow bar without
wheels of trailer rolling. Inertia brakes.
4 . 6 . 1 . 2 . 1  T h e trailer loaded with a 15,000 lb test l o a d shall be
backed ten t i m e s to determine the capability of the i n e r t i a b r a k e s
t o r e l e a s e i n one second or less.
4 . 6 . 1 . 2 . 2  T h e trailer loaded with a 15,000 lb test load shall be
towed at a s p e e d of twenty miles per hour on a level, dry, concrete
s u r f a c e .  T h e t r a i l e r s h a l l b e s t o p p e d w i t h i n t h i r t y f e e t .  Trave 1
d i s t a n c e measurement shall be made from the point of first brake
a p p l i c a t i o n t o f u l l s t o p .  T h i s test shall be performed five times,
e a c h test performed immediately in succession.
4 . 6 . 1 . 2 . 3 Fifty sudden stops of the loaded trailer shall be made
f r o m 20 mph immediately in succession. At the end of the fiftieth
c y c l e , the brake discs and actuating mechanisms shall be inspected.
N o overheating causing distortion or obscure physical defects shall
h e apparent as a result of the fifty stops.

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