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Page Title: Structural tests
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4 . 6 . 1 . 2 . 4 It shall be demonstrated that the emergency breakaway
s y s t e m , when actuated, f u n c t i o n s the same as the service brake
h y d r a u l i c system.
4 . 6 . 2 E n v i r o n m e n t a l t e s t s .  T h e trailer shall be subjected to the
f o l l o w i n g environmental tests in accordance with MIL-STD-810.
O p e r a t i n g temperatures for the trailer shall be -65Fahrenheit to
a 1 2 S Fahrenheit.
S t o r a g e temperature shall be -80 Fahrenheit
f o r a period of not less than 48 hours. Operations to be performed
d u r i n g the environmental tests shall consist of moving each
m u n i t i o n s chock, r o l l i n g o f t h e t r a i l e r w h e e l s , s e t t i n g a n d
r e l e a s i n g of the parking brakes, a n d moving of the trailer tongue
t o insure that there are no adverse effects when operating in these
temperature test, Method 501, procedure two.
temperature test, Method 502, procedure one.
and dust test, Method 510, procedure one.
test, Method 506.
4.6.3 Structural tests.
4 . 6 . 3 . 1 D i a g o n a l b l o c k t e s t .  T h e trailer shall be loaded with a
1 5 , 0 0 0 lb test load.  T h e load distribution shall be 80% on the
r e a r axles and 20% on the front axle.  Two diagonally opposite
w h e e l s shall be jacked up to allow placement of eight inch blocks
u n d e r the wheels.  When the wheels are rested on the blocks and
s u p p o r t i n g the total weight, d i s t o r t i o n of a permanent nature
s h a l l not occur to the frame or frame members.
4 . 6 . 3 . 2 O v e r l o a d t e s t .  T h e trailer shall be loaded with 45.000
l b t e s t l o a d .  T h e load distribution shall be 80% on the rear axles
and 20% on the front axle.  T h e trailer shall then be checked for
damage or permanent set.
4.6.4 Turning characteristics test.  The trailer shall be subjected
t o twenty sharp left and twenty sharp right turns at a turn radius
o f one hundred seventy five inches at a speed of 10 mph on level
pavement.  T h e turns shall be negotiated without any of the wheels
l o s i n g contact with the pavement.  T h i s test shall be repeated
t w i c e , o n c e with a 5,000 lb test load evenly distributed on one side
o f the centerline of the trailer, making ten left and ten right
t u r n s , a n d once with a 3,000 lb test load evenly distributed on a
front quarter, for ten left and ten right turns.

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