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Page Title: Electrical system compatibility tests
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MIL-T- 38676 (USAF)
4.6.5 Electrical system compatibility tests. The trailer lighting
s y s t e m shall be tested to insure that all lights function properly.
T h e lighting system shall be tested with both a twelve and twenty-
f o u r volt power source.
4 . 6 . 6 R o a d t e s t .  T h e trailer shall be subjected to a fifty mile
r o a d test as follows:
20 mph
25 mi
Loaded (15,000)
25 mi
35 mph
T h e trailer shall withstand these tests without experiencing
a d v e r s e t r a c k i n g c h a r a c t e r i s t i c s , y a w , sway, or dogwalk tendencies.
4.6.7 Rail system tests.
4 . 6 . 7 . 1 M a i n r a i l t e s t .  A 3,000 lb test load shall be evenly
s u p p o r t e d by one pair of munition chocks.  The chocks shall be moved
f r o m one side of the trailer to the other side and out to the end
o f t h e r a i l e x t e n d e r .  T h i s procedure shall be repeated for 100
c y c l e s .  D u r i n g cycling, any interference, binding or tendency
o f the chocks to tip out of the rails shall be cause for rejection
o f the rail system.
4 . 6 . 7 . 2 R a i l e x t e n d e r t e s t .  O n e pair of rail extenders shall be
i n s t a l l e d o n t h e r a i l s o f t h e t r a i l e r .  A test load of 9,000 lbs
s h a l l be evenly supported on the rail extenders so that the center
o f gravity of the test weight lies nine inches from the outer end
o f t h e r a i l e x t e n d e r s .  T h e test load shall then be removed and
t h e rail extenders shall be inspected for any damage or pernanent
structural set.
4 . 6 . 8 Physical measurements.
4 . 6 . 8 . 1 Height measurement.  T h e height of the unloaded trailer shall
be measured at a minimum of four points on the bed for conformance
w i t h the requirements of
4 . 6 . 8 . 2 Weight measurement.  T h e unloaded trailer, excluding
a c c e s s o r i e s , s h a l l be weighed to insure compliance with the requirement
o f 3 . 2 . 1 . 1 0 .  T h e scale accuracy shall be included in the weight
tolerance of
4 . 7 M a i n t a i n a b i l i t y .  T h e maintainability requirements stated in
3.4 of this specification shall be satisfactorily demonstrated
d u r i n g the first article acceptance testing program.

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