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Page Title: Elevation and plumb travel
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MIL-T-46313B(MU) Resolution.- This test may be performed after directing the
line of sight toward a target similar to that specified in MIL-O-13830.
The actual test is performed as outlined in MIL-O-13830. Observe the
definition pattern on the target. The patterns must be resolved in the
four meridians within the limits outlined in 3.7.6. Elevation. Elevation and plumb travel.- Return the panoramic telescope
to the position outlined in 4.7.1. Scibe an index line on the elevation
knob in line with another index scribed on Housing 7660588. Perfom these
tests by rotating the azimuth fixture plate to direct the panoramic telescope's
optical axis toward a plumb line located to one side of the fixture and
coincide the center vertical reticle line to the plumb line. Position the
vertical target line in coincidence with the plumb and vertical reticle line
and raise or lower the target to obtain coincidence between the target
horizontal line and the horizontal reticle line of the panoramic telescope's
reticle. The plumb travel test is performed by actuating the panoramic
telescope's elevation knob from the zero setting to each extreme. The line
of sight must travel to the limit lines of the target to assure compliance
with and must follow the plumb from zero elevation within the width
of the reticle line to assure compliance with Operability.- When the panoramic telescope has been stabilized
at the temperatures specified in 3.9, tactile inspection techniques shall
be used to determine compliance outlined in 3.9. Torque.- Torque tests shall be performed under temperature
conditions outlined in 3.9.1. The torque tests shall be performed using
a torque wrench and appropriate adapter. The torque readings obtained
shall conform to the limits specified in 3.9.1. Illumination.- Electrically connect a power source to the
panoramic telescope capable of producing 24 6 vdc and energize the
appropriate lamps and visually inspect to determine compliance with 3.10.1,
3.10.2. and 3.10.3. Rotation of the rheostat knob from the off position
shall increase intensity of illumination from dim to bright and the projector
light shall be visible within the limits outlined in 3.10.2. Counter numbers.- By means of standard measuring equipment
determine digit alignment in accordance with Force applied to elbow assembly .- Secure an appropriate
adapter to the elbow assembly at the eyepiece assembly and apply a push
force. The force required to move the elbow assembly through full travel
shall not exceed the limits outlined in for the temperatures

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