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Page Title: Observation for damage
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MIL-T-82571A(OS) Observation for damage.  At the completion of the dry firing
test, there shall be no damage sustained by the torpedo or torpedo tube
* Torpedo exit velocity tests.  The two photoelectric cell units
of shall be spaced three feet apart alongside the track or ramp.
The first set of cells shall be located the length of a torpedo plus or
minus 0.5 foot from the muzzle end of the barrel.  The photoelectric cells
shall be attached to the electronic counter so that when the first
beam is broken by the nose of the torpedo the counter starts and when the
second beam is broken by the nose of the torpedo, the counter stops. The
average velocity shall then be calculated by the formula v=d/t where d=distance
in feet, V= average velocity, and t=time in seconds.  Each breech mechanism
shall be charged at a rate not exceeding 250 psig per minute.  The breech
mechanism should be charged to a pressure of 200 psig greater than those
pressures specified in Schedule II and allowed to cool for at least 5 minutes
prior to being bled and readied for a firing in accordance with Schedule II.
The minimum exit velocity shall be met in all firings.
Should this method of measuring velocity be impractical or difficult for
the manufacturer, an alternate means, proposed by the manufacturer and ap-
proved by the contracting activity, shall be considered a valid test. Safe-ready cylinder operation.  The safe-ready cylinder shall
operate- in such a manner that the control valve operating plunger shall not
engage the control valve until the muzzle door is within 5 degrees of the
full open position. Control valve operating lever. During all tests observe that
when the control valve operating lever is in the SAFE condition there is no
leakage or premature air escape. Ready light circuit operation.  During
the firing tests, verify
that continuity of the ready light circuit exists in
accordance with
Schedule II when the ready light switch is in the ON
position, the control
valve operating lever is in the READY condition, and
the muzzle door is open. Breakaway plug mechanism
* Prior to each firing the breakaway plug mechanism shall be
placed in the unlatched position and the breakaway plug attached to the
torpedo receptacle.
* After each firing the plug puller mechanism lever shall be
in the latched position and shall be capable of being unlatched by hand.
4, After each firing the breakaway plug shall be inspected for

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