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Page Title: Sampling tests
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Retention.  The retention of qualification shall
consist of certification by the manufacturer to demonstrate compliance
of the qualified valve with the requirements of this specification.
Certification shall be signed by a responsible official of management,
attesting that the listed product(s) is still available from the listed
plant, can be produced under the same conditions as originally qualified;
i.e., same process, materials, construction, design, manufacturer's part
number, or designation; and meets the requirements of the current issue
of the specification.  Certification shall be conducted at intervals not
exceeding 2 years.
Sampling tests.  Each equipment of the same part
number delivered as a qualified item under this specification shall be
numbered sequentially in essentially the order that it is submitted for
government acceptance regardless of the contract under which delivered
or by whom purchased provided the valve is for government use.  Each
qualified manufacturer shall maintain his own sequential numbering
system.  To meet the delivery requirement for the first 50 components, 51
components must successfully complete the required individual tests; 50
of which are to be shipped as directed by the applicable contract(s);
and one component selected at random by the Government Inspector is to
be forwarded to the activity specified in 6.2.1. To meet the delivery
for each succeeding 150 components, 151 components must successfully
complete the required individual test, 150 of which are to be shipped as
directed by the applicable contract, and one component selected at
random and forwarded as above.  The span of serial numbers of the production
units from which each sampling test sample was selected shall be recorded
and this information included with the sample.  The sample shall be
shipped no later than the final unit in the production group from which
selected. The units forwarded to activity specified in 6.2.1 for government
acceptance will be inspected and examined for conformance to the applicable
specification sheet.  Tests will be conducted as shown by Table II. The
sample unit will be returned to the contractor with a report of the
government test results at the conclusion of the tests.  Delivery of
production units successfully passing the individual tests are to be
accepted unless qualification is officially rescinded.  Shipping authorization
and instructions are to be given by the cognizant Government Inspector
when the sample unit is selected.
Rejection and retest of qualification and sampling
tests samples.  Samples which have been rejected or returned to the
manufacturer for any reason during qualification, retention of qualification
or sampling tests, may be reworked or have parts replaced to correct
defects.  Before resubmitting the samples, full particulars concerning
the rejection and the corrective action taken by the manufacturer must
be submitted in writing by the manufacturer to the qualifying activity.
Tests shall not be resumed until such a report is received. Where
qualification tests are conducted under the auspices of the manufacturer,
the qualifying activity will be advised upon failure of a qualification
sample and of the action taken by the manufacturer with regard to failure.

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